‘Leaked data show China had at least 640,000, not 82,929 Covid-19 cases’

Leaked data show China had at least 640,000. (Photo courtesy: Bloomberg)

(TibetanReview.net, May15’20) – China appeared to have had at least 640,000 Covid-19 cases, not just 82,929 as reported by it, reported nypost.com May 14, citing leaked database from a Chinese military-run university. The action is seen to be meant to hinder modeling efforts for dealing with the pandemic by the international community.

The report said the virus tracker, compiled by China’s National University of Defense Technology leaked to Foreign Policy magazine, appeared to confirm fears that the Chinese government was hiding the true nature of the outbreak that originated in Wuhan late last year.

The report was cited as saying the virus tracker consisted of more than 640,000 rows of cases in 230 cities ranging from early February to late April and confirmed the location of each infection.

The data was stated to include locations for hospitals, train stations, hotels, restaurants and schools and was compiled by a professor at the university that is run by China’s Central Military Commission.

The report noted that China had blocked US scientists from coming to the country to study the virus while claiming it has seen only 4,633 deaths and 82,929 cases as of May 14.

China’s state media last week suddenly increased the coronavirus death toll in the city of Wuhan by 50 percent, seemingly confirming the international community’s suspicions.

US intelligence agencies were reported to have informed the White House that China probably undercounted its numbers of infections and deaths to hinder modeling efforts, leading to calls from the international community for a probe into the origins of the outbreak in December.


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