(TibetanReview.net, Oct22’20)

I would like to draw the attention of our leaders and people around the world through this platform to the urgency of a well organised and United revolution for Tibet at the present juncture.

We have initiated various propaganda for Tibet in many countries and organised hundreds of meetings through our many organisations and NGOs. We kept up a steady and even minute pressure by writing to our concerned provincial and local authorities.

We have brought up the situation of Tibet before the world and we nowadays are able to get a reasonable support and sympathy from all over the world. The men and women who support our cause and sympathise with our situation belong to different regions, religions and ethnicities. From North America to Europe and India, we can proudly say that they have always supported our cause. However one question arises: have we used their support for the cause for all the Tibetans including those living inside Tibet? In my opinion we have not. In fact not only we have not fully utilised their support to our common cause, but people have also used it for their own political and social aspirations, and to draw political mileage out of it.

There is division and groupism in our society. There is a huge gap in wealth within our society and the saddest part is confusion among our people between patriotism and regionalism.

I believe it is time for all of us to stand united and raise a united common voice and let the world witness a new revolution. The time has never been this perfect since 1959 as the world’s perception of PRC has changed drastically due to many events around the world including the current Covid-19 pandemic which many claim originated from PRC.

Therefore through this platform I want to urge our leaders and people all over the world not to get carried away in this vicious circle of politics; rather we should stand united and start a revolution for our motherland.

Bod Gyalo!

J Tenzin Sanshung  (gasong)


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