Malefactor China presents itself as victim in the Galwan valley violence

Chinese soldier at the Pangong Tso.

(, Aug14’20) – After attacking an unsuspecting group of Indian border patrol troops in the Galwan Valley in the night of Jun 15-16, armed with metallic rods studded with nails and other type of crude deadly weapons, China is again trying to present itself as the victim by demanding that New Delhi investigate the violence and strictly discipline its frontline troops. But in the USA, a bipartisan group of two powerful American senators on Aug 13 introduced a resolution in the Senate condemning China’s aggression towards India in a move to change the status quo at the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in remarks published by the Chinese Embassy, New Delhi, has demanded that New Delhi discipline its frontline troops.

Wang has also demanded that India stop provocative acts on the de-facto border so that such incidents are not repeated.

“Urge India to conduct thorough investigation, hold violators accountable, strictly discipline frontline troops and immediately stop provocative acts to ensure such incidents won’t occur again,” the Chinese Foreign Minister was quoted as saying in published remarks.

Days before that, the Chinese Embassy’s spokesperson had called on India to ensure favourable conditions for maintaining peace and stability along the 3,488-kilometre-long Line of Actual Control. Spokesperson Ji Rong demanded that New Delhi refrain from taking any actions that further complicate the situation at the border.

Also, writing in the embassy magazine China-India Review, Ambassador Sun Weidong has claimed that the Indian side crossed the LAC for provocation and attacked the Chinese border troops.

“We urge the Indian side to conduct a thorough investigation, hold the violators accountable, strictly discipline the frontline troops, and immediately stop all provocative acts to ensure such incidents will not occur again,” he was quoted as saying.

He has insisted that the onus was not on Beijing for the Galwan Valley incident in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred.

In the USA, Senator John Cornyn, the Republican Senate Majority Whip, and Senator Mark Warner, a ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, have moved a resolution to condemn China’s recent provocative actions on the Ladakh border.

“The Jun 15 conflict … should set off alarm bells regarding the People’s Republic of China’s provocative actions in disputed territory,” Warner was quoted as saying.

“This resolution condemns PRC’s actions to change the Line of Actual Control, especially in the midst of diplomatic negotiations between the two countries; and encourages the two nations to find a diplomatic resolution that restores the April 2020 status quo at the LAC.”

In a joint press statement, the Senators, who are Co-Chairs of the Senate India Caucus, have said that the deadly conflict that broke out on Jun 15, night followed weeks of minor military confrontations along the LAC that separates the People’s Republic of China and the Indian regions of Ladakh and Sikkim.


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