Report highlights China’s pervasive destabilizing infiltration of India’s economy, society

School students wave the national flag of China and India ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit in October 2019. (Photo courtesy: PTI)

(, Sep06’21) – Chinese intelligence services and government agencies have infiltrated various Indian industries, from entertainment to academia by means ranging from strategic investments in the entertainment sector to the spread of propaganda through its Confucius Institutes. Using every play available, they have made inroads into the Indian economy and society, said a report by an Indian think tank released on Sep 3.

The 76-page report, “Mapping Chinese Footprints and Influence Operations in India”, released by New Delhi-based think tank Law and Society Alliance shows how China has bought support for itself among academia, think tanks, media, trade bodies, tech companies, filmdom, and political parties in India to influence public opinion and destabilize the nation from within.

The Study Report explores covert and overt influence operations carried out by the Communist Party of China led by Xi Jinping in cultivating, funding, and sponsoring institutions in India, including the media and individual opinion-makers.

The think tank held a webinar on the day of the report’s release to discuss its findings.

Sheng Xue, Canadian journalist and co-founder of the Canadian Coalition Against Communism, has called the report a wake-up call for democracies around the world, including Canada, who are facing similar subversive threats.

Aarti Tikoo, chief editor of The New Indian, has said Bollywood producers today willingly concede Tibet to be a part of China to safeguard funding for films, just as Hollywood has been compromised in recent years.

Over the last 30 years, the CCP has invested in almost all major Indian companies, making them in some shape or form subservient to Beijing’s whims, Sep 6 cited Tikoo as saying.

Ilshal Kokbore, director of Chinese Affairs at the World Uyghur Congress, has said, “China continues to take bolder steps to erode India’s democracy and is also subtly influencing Afghan policies through its support of Pakistani and Afghan extremists.”

“Beijing is currently attempting to use its current economic might to challenge the prevailing world order. China is attempting to re-write history in order to fit its own narrative. Because of this, the CCP’s point of view on Tibet, Hong Kong and Covid-19 is permeating throughout the world with pliable media platforms playing the amplifier role,” Sep 4 quoted Geneva-based The Tibet Bureau’s United Nations Advocacy Officer Kalden Tsomo as saying.


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