Retired scholar who trained upcoming party leaders expelled from party, denied pension for criticizing Xi Jinping

Cai Xia, retired professor. (Photo courtesy: Taiwan News)

(, Aug18’20) – For calling President Xi Jinping a “mafia boss” and the ruling Communist Party a “political zombie”, the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party has on Aug 17 expelled its retired professor Cai Xia from the party and deprived her of her retirement benefits.

Cai had taught democratic politics at the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party before her retirement.

The school, which trains rising officials destined for promotion, announced Aug 17 that it had rescinded Cai’s Communist Party membership and retirement benefits for making remarks that “had serious political problems and damaged the country’s reputation,” reported Reuters Aug 18.

Her speeches were of “extraordinarily execrable nature”, and seriously violated the political discipline of the party, the Aug 17 quoted the notice as saying.

The notice on the school’s website did not specify the remarks, the reports noted.

However, the Reuters report cited two Chinese political watchers as pointing to comments she had made in a recording leaked online in June, arguing that replacing Xi as party chief would be the first step to saving the party from itself. She was reported to have called Xi in that recording a “mafia boss” who had turned the party into his personal tool, and a “political zombie”.

“If the Politburo Standing Committee has any sense of responsibility to the people, the country and the party, they should call for a meeting to replace Xi,” she was quoted as having said.

According to the Aug 17, Cai had made the remarks in a speech she gave online in May. It called the removal of her retirement benefits as part of her expulsion an unusual step.

Cai has told the South China Morning Post that she was safe and well in the United States but declined to elaborate.

Cai is said to be the grand-daughter of a revolutionary fighter and to have taught for four decades at the party school, giving her a solid “red background”.


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