Snowstorms affect 120,000 people, over 1 million livestock in Qinghai

Wildlife lay dead on the snow in Yulshul, Tibet. (Photo courtesy: SGR)

(, Mar04’19) – There has been a significant rise in the number of people and animals affected by continuing snowstorm since Dec 28 in Yushu (Tibetan: Yulshul) Prefecture of Qinghai Province with corresponding rise in economic losses, according to China’s official Xinhua news agency Mar 2. The report said some areas were covered under snow nearly half a metre deep, adding it had snowed again from Feb 21 to 28.

The report said the snowstorms had affected 120,000 people and more than 1 million livestock, and led to the death of more than 26,000 livestock and 219 wild animals. The direct economic losses were estimated to be 84.3 million yuan (US$ 12.6 million).

Wildlife lay stranded on the snow in Yulshul, Tibet. (Photo courtesy: SGR)

The report said more than 4,600 people and 72,000 livestock had been relocated, with 39,000 tons of fodder having been transported to the snow-hit areas as of Feb 28.

The report cited Tsertra, deputy director of the Yushu Disaster Relief Work and Emergency Headquarters, as saying artery roads had been kept clear, although a few paths to remote villages still remained to be reopened.

The local meteorological bureau was reported to have made a forecast of more snow and temperature drop from Mar 1 to 7, including moderate snow in the blizzard-affected Qumalai (Chumarleb) County from Mar 4 and 6.


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