WHO classifies coronavirus in India a variant of global concern, Tibetan cases total 3,037

Medical workers treat patients infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at a hospital in New Delhi. (Photo courtesy: Yahoo)

(TibetanReview.net, May11’21) – India’s coronavirus crisis showed scant sign of easing today, with a seven-day average of new cases at a record high and international health authorities warning the country’s variant of the virus posed a global concern, reported Reuters May 11. It said the seven-day average of new cases was at a record high of 390,995.

The report said India also led the world in the daily average number of new deaths reported, accounting for one in every three deaths reported worldwide each day.

The World Health Organization has said the coronavirus variant first identified in India last year was being classified as a variant of global concern, with some preliminary studies showing that it spreads more easily.


Meanwhile, the latest data from India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare show that there were 329,942 new Covid-19 cases and 3,876 new deaths in the country in the past 24 hours recorded on May 11 at 8 AM, taking their cumulative totals to 22,992,517 cases and 249,992 deaths respectively.

This is the lowest count of daily Covid-19 cases in 14 days but still well beyond the 3-lakh mark, as per the data updated by the Union health ministry at 8:30 am, noted the timesofindia.com May11. Besides, this is the day of the week when India reports sharp decline in daily new cases.

A total of over 19.02 million (19,027,304 or 82.75%) had recovered while the number of active cases was over 3.74 million (3,715,221, or 16.16% of the total). The case fatality rate was 1.09%.

More states, namely Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Bihar, Telangana, and Jharkhand, with heavy caseloads have reported varying levels of decline in active cases.

The active caseload was at its lowest at 1,35,926 on Feb 12 comprising 1.25% of the total infections.

Twenty-four states/Union Territories have reported more than 1,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, namely Karnataka (39,305), Maharashtra (37,236), Tamil Nadu (28,978), Kerala (27,487), Uttar Pradesh (21,277), Andhra Pradesh (14,986), West Bengal (19,445), Rajasthan (16,487), Haryana (12,718), Delhi (12,651), Chattisgarh (11,867), Gujarat (11,592), Bihar (10,174), Odisha (10,031), Madhya Pradesh (9,715), Punjab (8,549), Jharkhand (6,187), Assam (5,803), Uttarakhand (5,541), Telangana (4,826), Himachal Pradesh (4,359), Jammu and Kashmir (3,614), Goa (2,804), and Puducherry (1,266).

Nine other states/Union Territories have reported more than 100 new cases in the last 24 hours, namely Chandigarh (863), Tripura (466), Manipur (424), Meghalaya (409), Arunachal Pradesh (205), Mizoram (173), Nagaland (133), Ladakh (112), and Lakshadweep (101).

Thirty states/Union Territories have reported 3 or more Covid-19 deaths each in the last 24 hours, namely Karnataka (596), Maharashtra (549), Uttar Pradesh (278), Delhi (319), Tamil Nadu (232), Punjab (198), Chattisgarh (172), Uttarakhand (168),  Haryana (161), Rajasthan (160), West Bengal (134), Jharkhand (129),Gujarat (117), Andhra Pradesh (84), Madhya Pradesh (81), Assam (77),  ihar (75), Kerala (65), Jammu and Kashmir (56), Himachal Pradesh (53), Goa (50), Telangana (32), Puducherry (23), Odisha (17), Manipur (13), Nagaland (10), Chandigarh (7), Meghalaya (5), Arunachal Pradesh (4), and Tripura (3). The rest of the states/Union Territories have reported 2 or less deaths.

India is currently the country with the world’s second highest number of Covid-19 cases after the USA, and now the third highest number of deaths after the USA and Brazil in cumulative numbers.


The cumulative total of Covid-19 cases among Tibetans in India and Nepal had increased by 33 after two days to teach 3,037, according to the tally of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) on its Tibet.net website May 11. Of the total number of cases, 1,926 had recovered, 1,049 were active, and 62 had died.


Across the world the number of Covid-19 cases totaled nearly 159 million (158,988,250) and the deaths over 3.3 million (3,304,921), according to the tally of Johns Hopkins University as of May 11, 2021 at 2:50 PM.


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