WHO: Covid-19 is most severe global health emergency ever

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

(TibetanReview.net, Jul28’20) – From less than 100 cases outside of China, and no deaths, on Jan 30 when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared what it was later to name as Covid-19 a public health emergency of international concern, the number of cases has now surged close to 16.5 million and the number of deaths to more than 654,000. Noting this, WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has on Jul 27 declared Covid-19 to be easily the most severe global health emergency ever while referring to four other global health emergencies as well, namely Ebola (two outbreaks), Zika, polio and swine flu.

In India, while the pressure seems to be easing in early hotspots like Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, roughly half the country’s districts now have more than 500 cases each, with about 200 of them having more than 1,000 cases each, reported timesofindia.com Jul 28.

However, a day after the country added over 50,000 infections to its Covid-19 count for the first time on Jul 27 morning, fresh cases dropped to their lowest in five days. However, this dip was consistent with the long-running trend of lower number of cases recorded on Mondays, the report said. Besides, it added, at least eight states registered their highest single-day jump in cases on Jul 28 morning.

The tally of India’s Ministry of Health shows that there were 47,703 new cases and 654 new deaths in the country during the past 24 hours as of Jul 28 at 8AM, taking their totals to 1,483,156 cases and 33,425 deaths.

A total of 952,743, or 64.24%, had recovered, so that the number of active cases was 496,988.

This is the sixth consecutive day the number of cases increased by more than 45,000.

India is currently adding nearly 100,000 every two days to its Covid-19 tally.

The latest daily number of new cases, at 47,703, was more than the daily number of those who recovered at 35,175.

Besides being the country with the third highest total number of infections, standing behind the USA and Brazil, and India has logged the sixth highest number of deaths after the USA, Brazil, the UK, Mexico, and Italy.


The nine worst-hit states with more than 50,000 cases were led by Maharashtra with a total of 383,723 cases after 7924 new cases were reported in the past 24 hours, followed by Tamil Nadu with 220,716 (↑6993) cases, Delhi with 131,219 (↑613) cases, Andhra Pradesh 102,349 (↑6051), Karnataka 101,465 (↑5324), Uttar Pradesh 70,493(↑3505), West Bengal 60,830 (↑2112), Telangana 57,142 (↑3083), and Gujarat 56,874 (↑1052) cases.

There were nine other states with more than 10,000 cases: Bihar 41,244 (↑2068), Rajasthan 36,878 (↑969), Assam 33,576 (↑1348); Haryana 32,127 (↑795), Madhya Pradesh 28,589 (↑789); Odisha 26,892 (↑1,503); Kerala 19,727 (↑702), Jammu & Kashmir 18,390 (↑470), and Punjab 13,769 (↑551).

Besides, there were eleven other states/ Union Territories with more than 1,000 cases: Jharkhand 8,683 (↑408), Chattisgarh 7,745 (↑295), Uttarakhand 6,328 (↑224), Goa 5,119 (↑258), Tripura 4,049 (↑149), Puducherry 2,872 (↑86), Manipur 2,286 (↑51), Himachal Pradesh 2,270 (↑94), Nagaland 1,385 (↑46), Ladakh 1,306 (↑21), and Arunachal Pradesh 1,239 (↑81).

Finally, there were six other states/ Union Territories with less than 1,000 cases: Chandigarh 946 (↑32), Meghalaya 738 (↑36) cases, Sikkim 555 (↑10), Mizoram 384 (↑23), Andaman and Nicobar Islands 338 (↑14).

Maharashtra also had the most number of deaths at 13,883 (↑227), followed by Delhi 3,853 (↑26), Tamil Nadu 3,571 (↑77), Gujarat 2,348 (↑22), Karnataka 1,953 (↑75), Uttar Pradesh 1,456 (↑30), West Bengal 1,411 (↑39), Andhra Pradesh 1,090 (↑49), Madhya Pradesh 820 (↑9), Rajasthan 631 (↑10), Telangana 480 (↑17), Haryana 397 (↑5), Jammu & Kashmir 321 (↑9), Punjab 318 (↑12), Bihar 253 (↑9), Odisha 147 (↑7), Jharkhand 89 (↑4), Assam 86 (↑7), Uttarakhand 66 (↑3), Kerala 63 (↑2), Chattisgarh 44 (↑1), Puducherry 43 (↑3), Goa 36 (↑1), Tripura 17 (↑4), Chandigarh 14 (↑1), Himachal Pradesh 14 (↑2), Meghalaya 5 (↑0), Nagaland 5 (↑1), Ladakh 4 (↑0), Arunachal Pradesh 3 (↑0), Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1 (↑1), and Sikkim 1 (↑1).

Two States with Covid-19 cases have reported no deaths so far.

(Source: https://www.mohfw.gov.in/)


Delhi and Mumbai, once considered India’s largest Covid-19 hotspots, have shown clear signs of flattening the curve of novel coronavirus infections, reported moneycontrol.com Jul 27. It said both had shown a significant daily drop in new reported cases.

Delhi reported fewer than 1,350 cases on a daily basis over the last seven days. Its latest daily tally of 613 cases is its lowest single day total in nearly two months.

The national capital’s recovery rate stands at nearly 88% with a doubling rate of around 76 days.

However, concern remains in Delhi which has several pockets of dense population and where a sero-prevalence study found that 23.4% of the people had been affected by Covid-19. This indicates that a large number of infected persons remain asymptomatic, making it difficult to track a fresh spike, the report noted.

Dr Randeep Guleria, AIIMS Director and member of the National Task Force on Covid-19, as saying: “Different parts of the country will peak at different times. Delhi is one such state where flattening of the curve is happening. It is happening in other areas of the country as well. Mumbai, Ahmedabad and certain parts of the South are showing a decline. They seem to have reached a plateau and are showing a downward trend.”


Across the world the total number of Covid-19 cases had surged close to 16.5 million mark to reach 16,495,309 while a total of 654,327 had died as of Jul 28 at 01:05:17 PM, according to the Dashboard maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

There were 231,261new cases and 5,361 new deaths during the past 24 hours or so across 188 countries and regions.

The countries with the most number of reported Covid-19 cases thus far were the US (4,294,770), Brazil (2,442,375), India (1,480,073), Russia (822,060), South Africa (452,529), Mexico (395,489), Peru (389,717), Chile (347,923), UK (301,708),  … China (86,783).

The countries with the most number of Covid-19 deaths were the US (148,056), Brazil (87,618), the UK (45,84), Mexico (44,022), Italy (35,112), India (33,408), France (30,212), Spain (28,432) … China (4,656).


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