Xi Jinping extends Covid-19 condolences to S Korea, Iran, Italy, EU

Chinese President Xi Jinping. (Photo courtesy: The Economic Times)

(TibetanReview.net, Mar15’20) – The Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc in much of the rest of the world where it has spread or begun to spread while in China, where it broke out last year, new cases and deaths have now reduced to very low two-digit figures or less. Chinese President Xi Jinping has extended condolences to South Korea, Iran and Italy over the Covid-19 outbreak on behalf of the Chinese government and people.

As of Mar 15 at 5:39 PM Hong Kong time, the pandemic had infected 154,386 people and killed 5,812 patients, including 80,844 and 3,199 respectively in China, according to data compiled by the scmp.com. The number of those who had recovered totaled 75,559.

Ten countries had more than one thousand infections while 13 countries had seen 10 or more deaths.

Xi conveyed sincere sympathies to the government and people of the three countries in his messages to South Korea’s Moon Jae-in, Iran’s Hassan Rouhani and Italy’s Sergio Mattarella, as well as to the European Council President Charles Michel and the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Mar 14.

* * *

Italy, the worst affected country outside China, saw yet another huge daily jump in both confirmed cases and deaths. Its total confirmed cases touched 21,157 and the deaths 1,441, compared to 17,660 and 1,266 respectively the day before.

Iran, the second worst affected country outside China, also saw large increases in infections and deaths reporting a total of 12,729 confirmed cases and 611 deaths, compared to the previous day’s totals of 11,364 and 514 respectively.

South Korea continued to be able to slow down the pandemic’s spread, reporting 8,162 confirmed cases and 75 deaths, compared to the previous day’s totals of 8,086 confirmed cases and 72 deaths.

Spain, where the situation continued to worsen significantly, imposed a near-total lockdown. The country reported a total of 5,753 confirmed cases and 183 deaths, compared to the previous day’s totals of 4,231 and 120 respectively.

Germany overtook France in terms of the total number of infections at 4,585 while its total number of deaths touched 9, compared to the previous day’s totals of 3,062 and 8 respectively.

France also saw another day of relatively big increases with the total number of confirmed cases reaching 4,500 and the deaths 91, compared to the previous day’s totals of 3,661 and 79 respectively.

Other countries and territories with confirmed cases and deaths as of Mar 15 at 5:39 PM Hong Kong time included the United States (2,794, 56), Switzerland (1,359, 11), the United Kingdom (1,140, 21), Norway (1,090, 3), Sweden (961, 2), the Netherlands (956, 10), Denmark (836, 1), Japan, (716, 21), the Diamond Princess cruise ship (696, 7-unchanged), Austria (655, 1), Belgium (559, 3), Australia (249, 3), Canada (244, 1), Greece (228, 3), Hong Kong (145, 4), the Philippines (140, 11), Indonesia (117, 5), Thailand (114, 1), Iraq (110, 10), Egypt (110, 2), India (107, 2), Lebanon (93, 3), San Marino (92, 5), Ireland (70, 1-unchanged), Taiwan (59, 1), Slovenia (57, 1), Poland (49, 1-unchanged), Luxembourg (34, 1-unchanged), Argentina (31, 2-unchanged), Ecuador (28, 2), Algeria (25, 1-unchanged), Albania (23, 1-unchanged), Bulgaria (23, 1-unchanged), Morocco (17, 1), Panama (14, 1-unchanged), Ukraine (3, 1-unchanged), Guyana (1, 1-unchanged), and Sudan (1, 1-unchanged).

Other countries and regions with 10 or more confirmed infections, but no death, as of Mar 15 at 5:39 PM Hong Kong time included Malaysia (428), Qatar (262-unchanged), Singapore (212), Israel (200), Bahrain (195-unchanged), Brazil (121), Saudi Arabia (103), the Czech Republic (94-unchanged), the UAE (85-unchanged), Kuwait (80-unchanged), Iceland (65-unchanged),, Vietnam (53), Romania (48-unchanged), Portugal (41-unchanged), Brunei (40), Finland (40-unchanged), South Africa (38), Russia (34-unchanged), Chile (33-unchanged), Occupied Palestinian territory (31-unchanged), Belarus (27-unchanged), Mexico (26), Georgia (23-unchanged), Costa Rica (22-unchanged), Peru (22-unchanged), Grand Princess cruise ship off San Francisco (21-unchanged), Slovakia (21-unchanged), Pakistan (20-unchanged), Serbia (19-unchanged), Oman (18-unchanged), Croatia (16-unchanged), Hungary (16-unchanged), Latvia (16-unchanged), Estonia (13-unchanged), Moldova (12), Afghanistan(11), Azerbaijan (11-unchanged), Macao (10), and Senegal (10).

* * *

Meanwhile in China, the National Health Commission said Mar 15 that the mainland had 20 newly confirmed cases and 10 deaths on Mar 14 end, compared to 11 and 13 respectively the day before.

Mainland China also reported 39 new suspected cases, taking the total of such cases to 113.

It also reported 16 new imported cases, taking the total of such cases to 111.

Of the mainland’s total confirmed cases of 80,844 as of Mar 14 end, 10,734 were still being treated, 66,911 had been discharged after recovery, and 3,199 had died of the disease, reported Xinhua Mar 15.


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