China still mulling Yarlung Tsangpo power station

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(, Jan 17) – China has admitted that a hydropower station on the Yarlung Tsanpo river in Tibet will affect the environment but said the benefits outweigh the harm. “The hydropower projects will increase job opportunities in the region and boost its economy,” the official Shanghai Daily Online (China) Jan […]

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Temporary residence permit introduced for Lhasa

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(, Jan 16) – People who stay in Lhasa for more than 30 days will soon be required to apply for temporary residence permits, enabling the government, under the current circumstances, to exercise greater control on Tibetans coming from outside the city and ensuring better facilities for Chinese immigrants. A […]

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42 Drepung monks sentenced, political education strengthened

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(, Jan 16) – A total of 42 monks of Drepung Monastery in Tibet’s capital Lhasa have been sentenced so far for their involvement in the Tibetan uprising protests in Mar’08, said the exile Tibetan government on its official website Jan 14. It said their prison terms ranged from […]

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TAR’s 2009 GDP growth to be above 10%

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(, Jan 15) – While the forecast of economic growth for China for 2009 remains bleak, the increasingly Chinese populated Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) expects to garner a healthy figure of more than 10 percent, thanks, no doubt, to Beijing’s relentless pouring in of investments. The forecast was made by […]

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Tibetan farmers too poor to afford solar house

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(, Jan 14) – Energy experts from the China National Engineering Centre for Housing Settlements (CNECHS) in Beijing have designed a solar house for Tibetans with the aim to reduce their dependency on cattle dung for warmth, reported G-Online (Australia) Jan 14. It said the project would provide a free […]

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Chinese New Year to attract 835,000 visitors to ‘Tibet’

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(, Jan 13) – Authorities in Tibet Autonomous Region expect to receive 835,000 visitors during the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival period from Jan 11 to Mar 6. The Civil Aviation will handle about 80,000 passengers, the railway 105,000 passengers and the road 650,000 passengers, reported China’s online Tibet […]

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China to build dry port for Nepal near Tibet border

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(, Jan 13) – A Chinese team was in Nepal to carry out feasibility study for constructing a dry port at Larcha near Tatopani customs office near Tibet’s border, reported Zee News Online (India), Jan 12, citing Nepal’s Kantipur daily. Around 27.5 million sq ft of land was being allocated […]

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China to declare ‘Serf Liberation Day’ for Tibet

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(, Jan 12) — As Tibetans opposed to Chinese rule prepare to mark the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day this year, China has countered that it will finalise a “Serf Liberation Day” to mark the start of its occupation rule. By it, China, no doubt, hopes to […]

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More arrests from continuing sporadic Tibetan protests in Kandze

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(, Jan 12) — Small sporadic protests have been continuing in the Tibetan areas incorporated into China’s Sichuan province despite the area, like all other parts of the Tibetan Plateau, being under massive security crackdown, with tight control on people’s movement, following the Mar’08 uprising there. Radio Free Asia online […]

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Tibet railway gets progress award, to help build other major projects

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(, Jan 12) — China said it will employ the technology it used to build the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to build a Xinjiang-Tibet railway before 2020, the petroleum pipelines across Northeast PRC and an expressway on the Tibetan Plateau, reported the official China Daily newspaper Jan 10. The daily said the […]

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