Massive Chinese arrivals in locked down Tibet

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(, Mar 06, 2009) — While Tibet remains cut off for foreign media and tourists, and movement of Tibetans remain tightly restricted, Chinese migrant workers and others continue to enter it massively, indicated China’s official Xinhuanet Mar 4. At least 94,400 Chinese will have entered Tibet’s capital Lhasa from Feb […]

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China reiterates willingness to talk to Dalai Lama, without his autonomy proposal

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(, Mar 06, 2009) — China again said Mar 3 that its door for talks with the Dalai Lama was still open but rejected any consideration of his proposal for the resolution of the Tibet issue. It said the holding of the talks held thus far with his envoys was […]

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Troops surround monastery after monks protest ban on religious festival

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(, Mar 04, 2009) — Chinese troops surrounded Sey monastery in Ngaba (Chinese: Aba) County of Sichuan Province on Mar 1 after some 600 of its monks staged a protest rally in response to the authorities’ ban on them from holding their annual Monlam prayer service. In a repeat of […]

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China packages its Tibet propaganda in yet another white paper

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(, Mar 04, 2009) — Amid reports that it had unleashed a new wave of repression across the Tibetan Plateau, with a ban on foreign visitors, massive deployment of troops, and strict control on monasteries and people’s movement, China has issued yet another self-congratulatory white paper on Tibet. The paper, […]

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China denies shooting monk who immolated himself

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(, Mar 04, 2009) — China has confirmed that a 24-year-old monk named Tashi, also known as Tapey, of Kirti Monastery in Aba (Tibetan: Ngaba) County of Sichuan Province had immolated himself on Feb 27 but denied reports that he had been shot by the paramilitary People’s Armed Police (PAP). […]

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Chinese repression leads to Ngaba monk’s self-immolation

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(, Mar 03, 2009) — The paramilitary People’s Armed Police (PAP) shot three times at a monk in Ngaba (Chinese: Aba) County of Sichuan Province on Feb 27 after he had immolated himself in protest at the main town crossroad, according to several Tibet groups and media sources. At least […]

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New Tibetan radio broadcast launched

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(, Mar 03, 2009) — China National Radio (CNR) launched on Mar 1 a new Tibetan channel. The service already had a daily four-hour Tibetan broadcast which has now been extended to 18 hours. The launch was announced by Hu Zhanfan, deputy director of the State Administration of Radio Film […]

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Monastery in Qinghai sealed after monks rallied on Losar

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(, Feb 27, 2009) — Lutsang monastery in Mangra (Chinese: Guinan) county of Tsolho (Chinese: Hainan) Prefecture in Qinghai Province has been sealed by the paramilitary People’s Armed Police after about 100 of its monks staged a peaceful march to the county centre on Feb 25, the Tibetan New Year, […]

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China denies Tibet closed for foreigners

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(, Feb 26, 2009) — China is either lying or one branch of its government does not know what the other is doing, with the former being the more likely case. The recent closing of Tibet for foreign tourists has been reported by all major international news agencies and media, […]

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Hundreds held at new administrative detention centres

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(, Feb 26, 2009) — The authorities in Tibet’s capital Lhasa appear to have set up special detention centres to implement a mid-Jan’09 order which requires compulsory registration of all temporary residents in the city. One such facility, said New York-based Human Rights Watch Feb 25, citing several reports from […]

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