African swine outbreak reported in Qinghai

Outbreak of African swine fever in the Tibet. (Photo courtesy: Taiwan News)

(, Jun24’19) – China said Jun 21 that there was a new case of African swine fever in a district in Qinghai Province that was the birthplace of the current Dalai Lama.

The outbreak occurred in a village in Shihuiyao County of Pingan (Tibetan: Tsongkhakhar) District, Haidong (Tsoshar) City, reported the official Xinhua news agency Jun 23.

The viral disease had infected 32 pigs and killed 17, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was cited as saying, citing a China Animal Disease Control Centre report.

African swine fever is believed to infect only pigs, and no humans or other species have thus far been known to have got infected.

China reported its first case of the disease in Aug 2018 in the northeastern province of Liaoning. Outbreaks were later reported in several other provincial regions, including Tibet Autonomous Region.

Citing the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, a Xinhua report said Apr 8 that a total of 55 pigs were confirmed dead on farms in Nyingtri (Nyingchi or Linzhi) City’s Bayi (or Dragyiv) District, Gongbo’gyamda County, and Bome County.


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