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Angry Chinese envoy barged into Mexican parliament over deputies’ launch of a Tibet group

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(, Nov12’22) – In breach of diplomatic protocols, the Chinese ambassador to Mexico has pushed his way into the Chamber of Deputies of the country’s parliament on Nov 9. And he demanded an explanation from its President for the launch the day before of a Tibet group by a section of its members, said the Central Tibetan Administration on its website Nov 12, citing the group’s head, Deputy Salvador Caro Cabrera.

The ambassador met with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, expressed his objections to the integration of the Mexican parliamentary Tibet support group and demanded to have Chinese flag waved in the Chamber, the report said.

As regards what happened on that day, Deputy Salvador Caro Cabrera has said, “The day after the integration of the group of legislators’ Friends of Tibet, in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico, the Chinese Embassy pushed to be able to come to the chamber, make a visit to the session hall, and has a meeting with our president.”

It was not clear what exactly the Chinese ambassador said or demanded and what the President of the Chamber of Deputies’ response was.

But as far as Cabrera is concerned, “this is a moral victory for the people of Tibet. Because we are influencing, the cause is recognized against the genocidal policy called ‘one China’. Thank you!  Free Tibet!”

Zhu Gingqiao Chinese Ambassador to Mexico. (Photo courtesy: Chinese Embassy in Mexico)


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