Tibet railway unaffected by two low-magnitude earthquakes, aftershocks.

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www.TibetanReview.net, June 24’08 Two low-magnitude earthquakes hit the sparsely populated Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi (Tibetan: Tsonub) in Qinghai Province early in the morning of Jun 9, causing no injuries or damages. The Amdo Station in Amdo County of Tibet Autonomous Region, the nearest railway station to the quake area, […]

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China to permit only patriotic monks

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www.TibetanReview.net, June16’08 In order to rein in the monasteries, which spearheaded much of the protests across the Tibetan Plateau in Mar 2008, China requires monks to pass a patriotism test, possibly in September, to be allowed to remain as monks, reported Reuters Jun 13. It said that at the Tibetan […]

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A cultural approach to resolving the Tibet issue?

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www.TibetanReview.net, June16’08 China has agreed to commit 70 million dollars over a five-year period to the Louise Blouin Foundation, an international fund for preservation of culture in Tibet, under an agreement, reported the AFP Jun 6. “This unique and significant agreement is aimed at preserving Tibetan culture,” French-Canadian magazine publisher […]

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Kirti monastery deserted as monks flee repression

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www.TibetanReview.net, June 11’08 Unable to endure anymore the constant patriotic education and the accompanying severe restrictions and repression, including the sacrilege, beatings and arrests, monks at monasteries in Tibet have been leaving their religious schools and centres in large numbers. At the Tak-stang Lhamo Kirti Monastery in Dzoge (Chinese: Ruo’ergai) […]

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Nun severely beaten and held after staging lone protest, scores others treated alike for protesting it

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www.TibetanReview.net, June 11’08 One nun was severely beaten and arrested for staging a lone morning protest and many others given similar treatment after over 200 fellow-nuns staged a peaceful protest later in the evening demanding her release in Draggo (Chinese: Luhuo) County of Kardze Prefecture on Jun 8, reported TCHRD […]

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One monk feared dead, two others in hospital after severe beating for protesting

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www.TibetanReview.net, June 11’08 Three monks who staged a demonstration in front of the Draggo County government offices on Jun 6 were so severely beaten that they had to be taken to a hospital before they could be jailed, said TCHRD Jun 9. The monks have been named and described as […]

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Ngari Airport to be operational in 2010

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www.TibetanReview.net, June 11’08 China says it expects to complete the building of the Ngari Gunsa Airport at Gunsa Township of Gar County in the remote western Tibetan prefecture of Ngari (Chinese: Ali) in 2010. With an altitude of 4,227 meters, the 4D flight zone will meet the requirement of airplanes […]

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Tibet still under siege despite Beijing’s suggestion of normality

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www.TibetanReview.net, June 6’08 While Beijing suggests that life in Tibetan areas, which were hit by a series of major protests in Mar 2008, is returning to normal, evidence suggests otherwise, reported BBC News online Jun 3. Security is tight, Tibetans face travel restrictions, and monks and nuns have been forced […]

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16 monks arrested for ‘separatist bomb attacks’

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www.TibetanReview.net, June 6’08 Police in Tibet Autonomous Region have said Jun 5 they had arrested 16 Tibetan monks on May 12 and 13 and were hunting for three more for alleged involvement in what they called “three separatist bomb attacks and plots” in Mangkam county of Qamdo prefecture. Their alleged […]

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One held in Tawu for leaking protest news overseas

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www.TibetanReview.net, June 6’08 Police from authorities outside the local police station detained on Apr 19 a Tibetan in Tawu (Chinese: Daofu) of Ganzi (Tibetan: kardze) Prefecture for allegedly passing overseas information about the Tibetan protests. Police came in three vehicles to pick up Nyima Drakpa, reported Radio Free Asia (RFA) […]

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