State employees the biggest winners in Tibet’s collapsing tourism

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(, Feb 13) – While China keeps saying that tourism in Tibet was fast recovering and the situation there was stable, Reuters, which was a part of a 19-member delegation of journalists from Chinese and foreign media organizations taken on a rare and tightly controlled four-day visit there, said Feb […]

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Four Monks sentenced in Dhingri County

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(, Feb 13) – Four monks of Shelkar Monastery in Dingri County of Shigatse Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region were sentenced to jail terms of 18 months each after being arrested on Mar 5, 2008 for protesting against the Chinese “patriotic education” campaign, reported the exile Tibetan government’s Feb […]

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Tibet in grip of drought

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(, Feb 13) – Tibet has been hit by a severe drought with little rain recorded throughout the region since Jan’09, except part of Chamdo Prefecture, even as the spring ploughing season approaches, reported China’s online Tibet news service Feb 12. No substantial precipitation was registered in areas along […]

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‘21 more Tibetans sentenced for Mar’14 Lhasa riot’

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(, Feb 12) – Courts in Tibet Autonomous Region had so far sentenced 76 people involved in the Mar 14 “riot” last year in Lhasa, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Feb 11, citing Nyima Cering, vice chairman of the standing committee of the Tibet regional People’s Congress. It said […]

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Nine monks jailed for up to 15 years, whereabouts unknown

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(, Feb 12) – Nine monks at Samye Monastery in Lhoka Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region were jailed for 2 to 15-year terms for their involvement in the Mar’08 Tibet uprising protests while one monk committed suicide due to unbearable torture, reported Dharamsala-based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy […]

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Rebkong in no mood to celebrate Losar

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(, Feb 12) – Despite Chinese attempts to erase Tibetan memories of the brutal crackdown in the aftermath of the Mar’08 uprising protest, few families seemed to be in the mood to celebrate the upcoming Losar, their New Year, on Feb 25-27, in Rebkong County of Qinghai Province, reported The […]

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TAR declares 1,616 new cultural relics discoveries

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(, Feb 12) – Archaeologists of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) have discovered a total of 1,616 new cultural relic sites since the third cultural relic survey conducted by them in Apr of 2007, reported China’s official Xinhuanet news agency Feb 11. Many sites of great archaeological value were discovered, […]

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Sichuan to settle down Tibetan nomads

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(, Feb 11) – The Government of Sichuan Province is to spend 18 billion yuan (about US $2.6 billion) in four years to build 1,409 settlements covering a total area of 10 million square meters in 29 pastoral counties to settled down some 480,000 unsettled or poorly sheltered herdsmen and […]

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Tibetan nomads, farmers may be losers in China’s ecology protection plan

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(, Feb 10) – More Tibetans are set to be displaced, losing their ancestral land, homes and way of life, as China spends 20 billion yuan during its eleventh Five-Year Plan period (2006-2010) to build a State Ecological Safe Shelter Zone. The money will be used to build a State […]

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Tunnel to speed up building of highway to Metog County

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(, Feb 10) – China is drilling a 3.3-km tunnel through the Galung La mountain in Nyingchi Prefecture, which has an average altitude of about 5,000 metres, as a crucial part of building a highway to connect Medog county with Zhamog (Tibetan: Tramo) Town in the same Prefecture, reported China’s […]

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