Chopper ferrying Dalai Lama develops ‘non-major’ midair snag

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(, Jan 21) – A helicopter taking the Dalai Lama from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh state to Gulbarga in neighbouring Karnataka state developed a technical fault mid-air on Jan 20 but it landed safely, reported the PTI news agency Jan 20. The electrical fuse fault was described as “not major”. […]

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Four more reported jailed in Karze for protesting, one missing

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(, Jan 21) – The Intermediate People’s Court of Ganzi (Tibetan: Karze) Prefecture in Sichuan Province had sentenced four young Tibetans – three women (two of them nuns) and a monk – to jail terms of up to four years, reported Dharamsala based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy […]

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Monk held for protesting gov’t interference in religious festival schedules

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(, Jan 21) – Traditional gatherings during festivals have provided fertile occasions for staging protests against Chinese rule in Tibet, especially in the Amdo region. In order to pre-empt major protests during this sensitive year, China compelled Kirti Monastery in Ngaba County of Sichuan Province to cancel its annual winter […]

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China confirms luxury Qinghai-Tibet train service coming

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(, Jan 21) – China again said the delayed special luxury tourist trains will run on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway but did not say when. The launch of the luxury tourist trains, for which there is no specific timetable yet, will actively promote the development of the tourism industry in Qinghai […]

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Settlement projects among massive state bank loan to Qinghai province

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(, Jan 21) – Developing coal and salt lake mines and building settlement projects, besides highways, airports, railroads and power facilities are among the loan funds included in a 120 billion yuan (US$17.65 billion) agreement signed between the China Development Bank (CDB) and Qinghai Province, said a Xinhua report posted […]

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China counters 50th Tibet uprising anniversary with ‘Serfs Liberation Day’

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(, Jan 20, 2009) — As Tibetans opposed to the Chinese rule prepare to mark the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day this year with protests and mourning, especially over the killings, arrests and the follow-up repression in the aftermath of the Mar’08 uprising, China has sought to […]

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Tibet to see clash of official celebrations and public boycotts?

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(, Jan 19, 2009) — As Tibetans prepare to usher in their Earth-Ox year of 2136 in a quiet manner to mourn for the hundreds killed and many others arrested or unaccounted for in the aftermath of the Chinese crackdown on the Tibetan protests in March last year, Beijing is […]

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‘Every village in TAR to have phone, drinking water’

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(, Jan 19, 2009) — All villages in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) will have safe drinking water and telephone service by 2010, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Jan 17. It did not say when all villages in the region will have electricity. It said the local Chinese government […]

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China still mulling Yarlung Tsangpo power station

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(, Jan 17) – China has admitted that a hydropower station on the Yarlung Tsanpo river in Tibet will affect the environment but said the benefits outweigh the harm. “The hydropower projects will increase job opportunities in the region and boost its economy,” the official Shanghai Daily Online (China) Jan […]

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Temporary residence permit introduced for Lhasa

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(, Jan 16) – People who stay in Lhasa for more than 30 days will soon be required to apply for temporary residence permits, enabling the government, under the current circumstances, to exercise greater control on Tibetans coming from outside the city and ensuring better facilities for Chinese immigrants. A […]

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