China props up TAR’s economy with record investment

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(, Dec 29) — China said it had invested a record 16 billion yuan (S$3.4 billion) in 2008 in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) after it was hit by a Tibetan uprising in Mar’08, reported the Straits Times (Singapore) and the AFP Dec 28, citing China’s official Xinhua news agency Dec […]

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‘Lhasa is no longer a Tibetan majority city’

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(, Dec 27) — China spends more state money on the Tibet Autonomous Region than any other province in China. However, the money is being spend strategically, ensuring that much of it goes to ethnic Chinese, who have migrated to Tibet in search of jobs building new roads, office towers, […]

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Foreigners can invest in Tibetan medicine in Tibet

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(, Dec 26) — Foreign investors can open hospitals in Jilin, run gas stations in Hubei and develop Tibetan medicines in Tibet Autonomous starting Jan 1, 2009, with each of the 21 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in western and middle PRC having identified its own investment preferences in an […]

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Christmas fires at hotel and appliance store in Lhasa

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(, Dec 26) — There were two incidents of fire at Tibet’s capital Lhasa in the night of Dec 25, with no casualties, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Dec 26. One engulfed a home appliances warehouse named Sifeng Appliance storehouse located west of the Jokhang Temple. Eight fire engines […]

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59 held in Lhasa for alleged rumour-mongering

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(, Dec 25) — A major crackdown on information, especially through and from the internet, appeared to be underway in Tibet’s capital Lhasa with the reported arrest of 59 Tibetans so far. China’s official English-language newspaper China Daily Dec 25 said the 59 were apprehended for rumour-mongering. It cited Xin […]

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China cuts rates to attract more tourists to Tibet

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(, Dec 24) — To make up for losses in the number of tourist visitors and tourism income as a result of the March Tibetan uprising and the subsequent brutal crackdown, China is promoting winter tour packages with all-round cuts in rates for the visitors, according to China’s official Xinhua […]

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Karze Tibetans sentenced secretly to avoid protests

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(, Dec 23) — Tibetans are being sentenced to jail terms “one after another” in Karze (Chinese Ganzi), Sichuan province, mostly for their involvement in a major, peaceful demonstration on Mar 18 in the prefecture, reported Radio Free Asia (Washington, DC) Dec 22. “Recently”, two monks, Orgyen Tashi and Tenzin […]

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Five killed or tortured to death, abbot held

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(, Dec 23) — Five more Tibetans were confirmed to have died as a result of being beaten and tortured or denied medical attention thereafter either during or in the aftermath of the Chinese crackdown on the Tibetan uprising in Mar 2008, reported the exile Tibetan government’s online information service […]

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TAR’s economy set for 10.1% growth due to Beijing’s investments

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(, Dec 23) — China’s economic growth may be set for a dive this year, thanks to the impact of the worsening global financial crisis; however, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is set for a 10.1 GDP growth, according to China’s official Xinhua news agency Dec 22, citing its Chairman Qiangba […]

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Up to life term for 7 Tibetans for March 14 Lhasa protests

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(, Dec 21) — Seven Tibetans were sentenced to jail terms ranging from eight years to life within a span of 12 days in Oct-Nov’08 for their involvement in the Mar 14 protest in Lhasa, said Dharamsala-based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) citing its own source and […]

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