Dzamthang Tibetans under clampdown ahead of 60th Tibet uprising anniversary

Jonang monastery in Sichuan’s Dzamthang county is shown in an undated photo. (Photo courtesy: RFA)

(, Mar09’19) – In yet another report about tightening of restrictions ahead of the 60th Tibetan national uprising anniversary on Mar 10 across the Tibetan Plateau region, Chinese authorities in Dzamthang (Chinese: Rangtang) County of Ngaba (Aba) Prefecture, Sichuan Province, have launched a new clampdown. It was launched at the beginning of this month and accompanied by the deployment of armed Chinese police and officials across all the villages, reported the Tibetan Service of Mar 7.

These Chinese officials were making frequent visits to monasteries and had also ordered local Tibetans to report to the authorities and get their photos taken whenever they travelled to other places, the report cited a local source as saying, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Tibetans visiting the county from other places are required to register the times of their arrival and departure and explain the reasons for their visit.

Besides village shops have been raided and Tibetans forbidden to sell gasoline or kerosene, the source has said. The county has seen a number of protest self-immolations in the past, with a good number of them having taken place around the county’s Jonang Monastery.

Armed police are now stated to be parading in villages and towns in a show of force while Chinese officials keep a close watch on the local Tibetans around the clock at all administrative level areas.

In announcements to the public the authorities were reported to be saying that the happiness of the people was linked to the security of the nation and that everyone was therefore being urged to be patriotic and law-abiding.

Elsewhere, in the sprawling Yachen Gar monastic complex in Palyul (Baiyu) County of Sichuan’s Kardze (Ganzi) Prefecture, a notice posted in February ordered residents to obey the law and quickly comply with identification check requirements, the report said.


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