China angered by US government’s Tibet official’s call on other countries to pass ‘reciprocal access to Tibet’ laws

US Congress. (Photo courtesy: ICT)

(, Dec09’20) – Recent remarks by the US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues, Mr Robert Destro, has hit raw nerves in Beijing, prompting the country’s Foreign Ministry to launch a sharp attack especially on him on Dec 8. Accusing him of “political manipulation” with “aims to meddle in China’s internal affairs and destroy the steady development of Tibet,” China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying has expressed her country’s firm opposition to Mr Destro’s Tibet post itself.

Destro is also the US State Department’s Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

China’s official said Dec 8 that Hua’s criticism especially targeted Destro’s recent remarks that called on US allies to pass their own versions of “Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act.” She has accused Destro of “smearing China for destroying the language and culture of Tibetan, Uygur and Kazak people in China.”

Mr Robert Destro, US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues. (Photo: US State Department)

Claiming that Destro’s remarks “seriously violated international norms and rules,” Hua has also accused him of having also made “a brutal interference in China’s internal affairs.”

She has also reiterated her government’s usual lie that “China has always welcomed foreigners to visit and do business in Tibet Autonomous Region, and this won’t change as long as they observe China’s law and related regulations.”

Hua’s main grouse for such criticisms from the international community was that they bolster the campaigns of people fighting for respect for their rights and freedoms under the Chinese rule.

In this connection the report quoted Hua as saying, “We urge the US to stop using Tibet as a card to interfere in China’s internal affairs, undermine the development and stability of Tibet, and refrain from providing any support for anti-China separatist activities for Tibetan independence forces.”


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