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China announces completion of 624 well-off border security villages across southern Tibet

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(, Mar18’22) – China said Mar 18 that it had completed by the end of 2021 the construction of all the 624 well-off villages it had planned along occupied Tibet’s border with India, Bhutan and possibly Nepal. These are not only poverty alleviation projects but also more importantly a border security measure, with some of them said to be located in inhospitable climatic conditions.

But this may not be a problem anymore. Each administrative village has access to electricity, internet, running water, and hardened roads; and the food, clothing, housing and transportation of the masses have been greatly improved, said China’s online Tibet news service Mar 18. All of these show a scene of prosperity, stability, ethnic unity and progress, the report said.

With the support of a series of policies to strengthen borders, develop borders and enrich the people, Shama Village in Xia Zayu Town, Zayu County, Nyingchi City, had developed special industries such as soft-seed pomegranate cultivation according to local conditions, and greatly increased people’s income, the report said.

“Now we have access to electricity, and all electrical appliances can be used. Life gets much easier now.” Kyipa, a villager in Drenthang Town, Dingkye County, Shigatse City, was quoted as saying happily.

“For us ordinary people, all development is connected to road,” Tashi Tsering, a villager in Qarasa Village, Medog County, has said. He was stated to be referring to the opening of the Medog Highway in 2013, and the second highway, the Pai Town-Medog Highway, in May 2021.

In the case of the well-publicized Yumai Township, the goal of “patients with minor illnesses can be cured in the Township” has been realized, adding a guarantee for a happy life… after several years of construction, the report said. The once “three-person township” has become a well-off township with more than 200 people in 67 households, two administrative villages under its jurisdiction, and an annual per capita income of nearly 40,000 yuan, it added.

The report also referred to the Sangngagqoiling Township, a frontier agricultural township located 110 kilometers away from Luntse County, Lhoka City. In accordance with the model of “village committee + cooperative + the masses”, the township had invested to construct a tsampa processing plant with black highland barley, and a breeding base of Tibetan pigs. Products have been sold to Lhasa, Shanghai and other places, the report added.

The report also said herdsmen of Yadong County in Shigatse City, with its reputation as “Little Jiuzhaigou in the Himalayas”, had made full use of the Pagri grassland, one of the most fertile in Tibet, to develop industries of Yak and Tibetan chicken, and had made a well-off living.


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