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China angry as US allocates at least $21 million for Tibet-related programs

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(, Mar18’22) – China has on Mar 16 expressed firm opposition to what it called negative China-related contents in the United States’ omnibus spending bill for the fiscal year 2022, referring to its provision on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang. The bill allocates at least $21 million for Tibet-related programs.

This is an act that seriously undermines China’s national interests and grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs, China’s official Xinhua news Agency Mar 16 cited You Wenze, spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, as saying.

The bill that President Joe Biden signed into law on Mar 15 to fund the US government also expanded US support for the Tibetan people, including by challenging China’s occupation of Tibet and strengthening US calls for dialogue on Tibet’s future, said Washington-based International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) Mar 15.

ICT said the bill had increased funding for Tibetans around the world, allocated grants for Tibetan institutes promoting democracy and religious freedom, and expanded the role of the US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues.

In particular, the legislation is stated to provide $10 million for nongovernmental organizations that have experience working with Tibetan communities to preserve Tibetan cultural traditions and promote sustainable development, education and environmental conservation in Tibet.

The legislation is also stated to make $8 million available for programs to promote and preserve Tibetan culture and language in Tibetan refugee and diaspora communities; development; and the resilience of Tibetan communities and the Central Tibetan Administration in India and Nepal; as well as to assist in the education and development of the next generation of Tibetan leaders from such communities.

Another $3 million is stated to be made available for programs to strengthen the capacity of the Central Tibetan Administration, which provides democratic governance for Tibetans in exile.


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