China commissions its largest Tibet facility toward ‘self-sufficiency’ in copper production

Julong copper project in Tibet. (Photo courtesy: Cummins)

(, Dec29’21) – China has on De 27 held a commissioning ceremony for the 160,000 t/y first phase of the Julong Copper Project involving the Qulong mine based on a mine ore production of 100,000 t/d, reported Dec 29. The project is expected to play a positive role in ensuring China’s “self-sufficiency” in copper.

Designed to be the world’s biggest copper mine, according to the Dec 28, Julong Copper is expected to produce 120,000-130,000 tonnes of copper in 2022, including volumes from Phase 1 of Qulong and the Zhibula mine, which is also in Tibet, Reuters Dec 28 cited Zijin Mining as saying in a filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange.

The commissioning was held by Zijin Mining’s Tibet Dragon Copper and is located in Maldrogungkar (Chinese: Mozhugongka) County of Lhasa City.

The project was also stated to be producing over 6,000 t/y of molybdenum.

The second phase of the new project to produce 300,000 t/y will achieve an annual output value of 20 billion yuan, accounting for about 2% of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)’s GDP, said the report.

At the same time, plans were reportedly being made for a third phase production of 600,000 t/y.

In the context of the global new energy revolution wave of copper demand for further growth, Zijin Mining has said the project will play a positive role in ensuring China’s “self-sufficiency” in copper.

The report said the Julong Copper Project owned three sets of mineral rights: the Qulong copper-polymetallic mine which was the one in production, then Rongmucuola copper mine and Zhibula copper-polymetallic mine which will be the next to be developed.

Zhibula open pit mine had been basically completed and will also ramp up its production in 2022 to over 120,000 t/y, the report added.

The report said the Julong Copper Project was a key investment project in TAR and a key project of Fujian Province to aid Tibet. 


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