China investigating ethnic Tibetan local party leader for corruption

The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. (Photo courtesy: Xinhua)

(, May19’20) – A relatively senior ethnic Tibetan leader in the Communist Party of China in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is being investigated for corruption, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency May 18. Investigation of party leaders for corruption, though not entirely unknown, is rare in Chinese ruled Tibet.

The official attitude in Tibet has always been that party leaders are not meant to get investigated for corruption, rampant as it always has been since the early days of the occupation rule, but only for failing to crackdown harshly enough on opponents and critics of the Chinese rule on any conceivable charge of criminality.

Tashi Gyatso, deputy secretary general of the government of Tibet Autonomous Region, was being investigated for suspected severe violations of discipline and law, the report said, citing the regional anti-graft authorities May 18.

The report cited the region’s discipline inspection commission and supervisory commission as saying Tashi Gyatso was also a member of the leading Party members’ group of the regional government’s general office.

The leading group is an elite regional policy-making body in charge of security, poverty alleviation and other areas of government.

“Violations of discipline” is China’s official euphemism for taking of bribes or abuse of official position.

Born in the Tibetan region of what is now part of Sichuan province, Gyatso joined the Communist Party in 1995 and rose through its ranks, noted a report May 19.

The report cited his official CV on the government’s website as showing that his previous stints included working in Tibet’s propaganda department and heading its highway and transportation department.


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