China launches ‘The Third Pole of the Earth’ brand for Tibet products

Namtso Lake nestles along the sacred snow mountain Nyenchen Thangla Ranges. (Photo courtesy:

(, Nov11’20) – The local Chinese government of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) has on Nov 9 launched a brand named “The Third Pole of the Earth” which it hopes will become iconic for local specialties from various parts of the region.

The new brand, operated by Lhasa-based The Third Pole of the Earth Industrial Development Co, Ltd, covers local products like natural drinking water, highland barley and yak products, all selected strictly from their places of origin, reported China’s online Tibet news service Nov 10.

More will be included, such as Tibetan chicken, caterpillar fungus as well as cultural and creative items, the report added.

The products will apparently be marketed worldwide, for the report said TAR “has been pushing for sharing with the world its natural ecology, aboriginal culture, and quality products through brand marketing, industrialized operation, and standardized production since the branding strategy was established this year.”

Also, the report cited Yao Tandong, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as saying it was of great significance and global vision to develop the brand for Tibet, which had unique characteristics, climate and influences.

A brand conference held for its launch was stated to include “a brand development forum, experiencing and e-commerce livestreaming activities to better show the brand image.”


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