China maps 1,340 plants in Qinghai for use in its traditional medicine

Chinese medicine in Tibet Qinghai Province.

(, Oct26’19) – China said Oct 25 that it had discovered a total of 1,340 medicinal plants having use in traditional Chinese medicine in a historically Tibetan territory that now constitutes its Qinghai Province.

The six-year traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) resources survey involved 1,200 technicians and experts and covered more than 4,700 villages across the plateau province with the investment of 27.6 million yuan (3.9 million US dollars), reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Oct 25.

The report said a project to compile a book on the TCM resources in Qinghai was officially launched on Oct 22 and will be completed in 2021.

The province has rich medicinal plant species, and a book on the TCM resources in Qinghai will be of great significance for the rational use of TCM resources, eco-system protection and the development of medicine of ethnic groups in Qinghai, Li Junde, a researcher with the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, was cited as saying.


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