China offering fee refund for Tibetan students signing up for two-year military training

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(, Aug12’21) – In order to create a pool of high altitude-adapted new recruits for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in the face of continuing tension on Chinese occupied Tibet’s border with India, Tibetan students in the age group of 18-21 are being offered reimbursement of their school fees if they enrolled in a two-year course of military training, according to the Tibetan Service of Aug 11.

Citing Tibetan sources, the report said enrolment was compulsory for students who were receiving state aid for their schooling while the deadline for the other students was stated to be Aug 15.

Students in high schools and colleges who enroll in the program may continue their studies after their training, the report cited a recent Chinese government notice sent to students’ phones by text as saying.

While military training has been a part of school curriculum in the past, this is the first time notice has been sent out to all the schools promoting enrolment in programs of military training, a high school student in Tibet was cited as saying in a written message.

Altitude sickness among troops has been a major handicap in China’s move to make territorial gains at India’s expense in the high altitude Indo-Tibet border areas. After reports emerged about Tibetans troops in the Indian army beating Chinese troops in high altitude manoeuvres in the Ladakh border areas, China began training and recruiting Tibetans for a range of border security duties, including as members of a people’s militia.


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