China releases Tibetan political prisoner in precarious health

Tibetan political prisoner Gangbu Rikgye Nyima. (Photo courtesy: RFA)

(, Mar04’21) – China has released from prison in Kardze (Chinese: Ganzi) Prefecture of Sichuan Province on Feb 25 a Tibetan man serving a 10-year prison sentence for taking part in protests against Chinese rule. The release has come a year ahead of completing his term apparently because he was in precarious health due to torture and beating, said the Tibetan Service of Mar 3.

Gangbu Rikgye Nyima, aged around 30, was let out from prison in Draggo (Luhuo) County. Police took him directly to his home after having warned his family not to come to police station to receive him.

Nyima and his cellmates, some of whom had been arrested with him in 2012, had repeatedly protested in prison, and were tortured many times by their guards, the report cited Golok Jigme, a former monk-political prisoner now living in Switzerland, as saying.

He has called Nyima’s condition “very severe”, like other political prisoners released before him.

“He was also put into a dark cell many times, as a result of which his vision is weak, and he suffers constantly from headaches. His lungs and spine are also in a bad state, and he is now mentally disturbed.”

Following his release, Nyima has said the Chinese had tortured him on false charges and will “never forget what it means to be a Tibetan”.


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