China’s full control of Tibetan religious centre condemned in US Congress

US Congressman Jim McGovern.
US Congressman Jim McGovern.

(, Feb02, 2018) – US Congressman Jim McGovern has on Jan 30 expressed serious concern over reports that China had taken full control on all aspects of the running of one of the top Buddhist monastic institutions in Tibet.

“It is a significant blow to freedom of religion in Tibet and China, and a matter of great concern to all members of Congress,” he was quoted as saying.

The Congressman’s remarks followed a report published by Human Rights Watch on Jan 24 that nearly 200 Communist Party cadres had been designated to take over all management, finances, security, admissions, and even the choice of textbooks at both the monastery and the academy in the Larung Gar centre, located in Serta (Chinese: Seda) County of Sichuan Province.

The centre had been subjected to large-scale expulsions of monks and nuns and demolition of their residences carried out last year.

He has accused China of lying when it says it respects constitutionally protected religious beliefs. “When the state puts officials who are required to be atheists in charge of your religious institution, that is not religious freedom. When admission requires a firm political stand when the state tells you what to teach and students must honour the communist party that is not religious freedom,” he was quoted as saying.

And he has made it clear that if President Trump won’t act, Congress must ensure there are consequences for China’s egregious actions to control and destroy Tibetan Buddhism.

The Human Rights Watch report was based on an official Chinese government document on the takeover.


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