China’s new insidious Tibet campaign targets ‘reactionary activities’

Lhasa, Tibet.

(, Apr07’20) – China has launched a new campaign of repression in Tibet Autonomous region to ostensibly stifle rumour mongering but specifically to target what it calls “reactionary activities” with particular focus on people suspected to be advocating Tibet’s independence, reported the Tibetan Service of Apr 6.

The 17-point campaign called “Squash Rumors and Reactionary Activities” offers prizes for people who tip off authorities on a wide swath of alleged illegal activities, the report said, citing an Apr 1 report by China Tibet Online.

For reporting on activities such as those seen as creating or distributing unauthorized publications, advocating for a higher degree of autonomy for Tibet, and “misguiding” religious followers by encouraging what China considers superstitious belief, tipsters can earn anything from 1,000 to 10,000 yuan (US$ 141-$1,410), the report said.

The measures are said to specifically discuss “those who advocate illegal activities like calling for Tibetan independence.”

Campaigns to reward people for informing on those who engage in activities ruled as subversive, anti-national, or otherwise illegal have been in effect in the TAR since the year 2000 and was launched again in Sep 2019, the report said.


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