Chinese student visiting home jailed for Xi Jinping-like cartoon tweets while in US

Lawrence Limburger, a villain from the TV show Biker Mice from Mars.

(, Jan24’20) – China has arrested and jailed a University of Minnesota student for posting tweets seen as mocking President Xi Jinping while visiting his home after finishing his spring semester last year. Twitter is banned in China, so the only people who saw his postings would be the Chinese government censors, perhaps on report from overseas informers spread across university campuses.

The Chinese government obviously expects its citizens to behave as if they are home when travelling and living abroad on subjects it deems sensitive and certainly cannot tolerate any activity its sees as hurting the dignity of its leadership.

Luo Daiging, 20, was arrested in Jul 2019 in his hometown of Wuhan and jailed for six months by a district court in November for apparently comparing the general secretary of the Communist Party of China to a cartoon villain and Winnie the Pooh.

The court found him guilty of “creating a negative social impact” after he posted more than 40 tweets “denigrating a national leader’s image and indecent pictures”, reported Jan 23.

The cartoon pictures he tweeted were of a villain from the TV show Biker Mice from Mars. Lawrence Limburger is apparently as resembling President Jinping.

Luo also allegedly retweeted images of Winnie the Pooh, a globally popular cartoon character which has long been banned in China ever since people compared the bear to President Xi.

The images Luo allegedly posted.


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