Committee fails to nominate Tibetan justice candidates

Tibetan Charter amendment for appointment of justice commissioners

(, May22’21) – The committee of three constituted to nominate candidates for the posts of a chief justice Commissioners and two other justice commissioners to the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission (TSJC) has failed to nominate any. This was stated in a Tibet Online TV interview of the Central Tibetan Administration with committee member Kasur Tsering Phuntsok today.

The candidates, if nominated, were to be voted on by the outgoing, 16th Tibetan Parliament in Exile during their additional session especially scheduled to be held for the purpose on May 24.

Without a chief justice commissioner, there will be no one to swear in the newly elected Sikyong Mr Penpa Tsering. The May 24 meeting is still expected to amend the charter to make it possible for the Sikyong to be sworn in by some other means, if it could be held.

However, it remains doubtful whether the May 24 meeting could be held for lack of Quorum. At least 30 members constituting two-thirds of the 45 members of the TPiE must attend the session if it is to be able to conduct any business or proceeding. Himachal Pradesh is in a state of a curfew till May 26, which makes the meeting itself impermissible, apart from many members being unable to attend it due to travel restrictions.

The other members of the committee were former chief justice commissioner Mr Jadur Sonam Sangpo and Kasur Pema Chenjor.

Kasur Tsering Phuntsok said he and the other two members held their meetings online and did their best to try to arrive at decisions on candidates. The committee eventually submitted a report on their failure to do so, he said.

The TPiE on Mar 25 illegally sacked the entire panel of justice commissioners of the TSJC in a brief proceeding, creating a major constitutional crisis and totally throwing out of gear the smooth process for the new Sikyong and the new TPiE to take office. It led to a major Tibetan public outcry as well, seriously tainting the service record legacy of those at the centre of the sordid political drama.


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