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Covid-19 outbreak reported from McLeod Tibetan old people’s home

(TibetanReview.net, Feb01’21) – A total 12 residents of the Tibetan old people’s home at Mcleod Ganj town, Dharamsala, have been found with the Covid-19 infection, making it the second such outbreak in the town since Dec 2020 when 15 people from a section of the town tested positive.

The Jampaling Old People’s Home, located by the footpath section of the circuit road running around the Dalai Lama’s residence and numerous other buildings that include the main Buddhist temple, has been declared a red zone. The circuit road itself has been closed for two weeks, said tibetsun.com Jan 31, reporting the outbreak.

A resident of Jampaling taken to Tanda Hospital in Kangra district tested positive for the virus after he complained of respiratory problems. This led to tests being carried out on all the nearly 100 residents of the home, leading to the detection of the outbreak there.

Earlier, in the first half of December, six Tibetans were found infected with the novel Coronavirus in McLeod Ganj town, with nine more cases detected through contact tracing.

As a result, a section of the town’s main market area from which the infections were detected was declared a containment zone and cordoned off.

The Covid-19 task force of the Central Tibetan Administration said at its latest weekly briefing Jan 29 that a total of 1,495 Tibetans had been infected with the virus thus far in the Indian subcontinent, with 1,440 having recovered, 17 being active, and 38 having died.

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