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Dalai Lama tells int’l lawmakers’ gathering that the Tibet issue is of global concern

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(TibetanReview.net, Jun23’22) – The Eighth World Parliamentarians’ Convention on Tibet (WPCT) opened in Washington, DC, Jun 22 with Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, telling the more than 100 lawmakers and others from 26 countries participating in the two-day event that the issue of the Chinese occupied territory was of concern to the whole world on account especially of its globally unique and valuable cultural heritage which was now on the brink of annihilation.

The inaugural event was held in the Dirkesen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Hollywood Star and Tibet campaign personality Richard Gere being among the other prominent invited speakers.

In his keynote virtual address, the Dalai Lama also said: “The cause of Tibet is about truth …. it involves an understanding of the workings of the mind with a view to cultivating compassion and inner peace. Therefore, it is not just a matter of politics, but also pertains to the cultivation of peace of mind based not on faith, but on reason.”

“Tibetan culture is concerned with an understanding of the workings of mind and emotions. … The key factor is love and compassion.”

“Cultivating a warm heart and becoming a good human being is of benefit whether you are religious or not.”

Even talking about politics, the Dalai Lama made it clear: “We are not seeking independence for Tibet. I have made this clear over the years. What most concerns us is the importance of preserving and safeguarding our culture and language.”

He concluded his address by telling the participants: “Today, I would like to urge all of you who have gathered for this meeting to consider ways to revive and advance the essence of Tibetan culture, which is about keeping in mind the well-being of others. And it would also be beneficial if you could work to train people in educational institutions about such human values as kindness and honesty.”

* * *

In her opening remarks, Pelosi has said: “For decades, the Chinese government has waged a dangerous assault on human rights in Tibet, clearly showing that it has no regard for Tibetan autonomy, identity or faith. This forum is crucial, bringing together leaders from all over the world to advance real autonomy for Tibet.”

She has stressed that all countries had a moral responsibility to speak out against China’s atrocities and stand up for Tibetans.

She has also refuted China’s sovereign claim over Tibet and pointed out that “the Chinese government’s attempt to erase Tibetan history and way of life is an appalling violation of human rights,” reported the taiwannews.com.tw Jun 23.

“If we do not speak out against human rights abuses in China because of commercial ties, we lose all moral authority to speak out against human rights, anywhere,” she was reported to have added.

* * *

Participant in the WPCT and Taiwanese Independent Legislator Freddy Lim revealed Jun 22 that he had invited Pelosi to visit Taiwan, said the taiwannews.com.tw report.

Pelosi was originally scheduled to lead a delegation to visit Japan on Apr 8 and expected to visit Taiwan on the 43rd anniversary of the “Taiwan Relations Act” on Apr 10. However, she was diagnosed with Covid-19, and her Asia trip was postponed.

Any visit by a US leader to Taiwan is a red rag to the government of China which routinely rages by issuing condemnations and making militarily ever more threatening moves involving war ships and all sorts of fighter planes against the democratic island. Beijing claims that Taiwan is part of communist ruled China and has vowed to “reunite” it by force if necessary.

The WPCT is organized by the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Dharamsala, India, with the first one having been held in New Delhi in 1994.


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