Dissatisfaction with service cited as reason for replacing North America Office of Tibet Representative

Mr Penpa Tsering, Representative at the Office of Tibet in Washington, DC. (Photo courtesy: driftsdrafts)
Mr Penpa Tsering, Representative at the Office of Tibet in Washington, DC. (Photo courtesy: driftsdrafts)

(TibetanReview.net, Nov10, 2017) – The Kashag (Cabinet) of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) has explained Nov 9 that its Representative at the Office of Tibet in Washington, DC, Mr Penpa Tsering, was replaced due to dissatisfaction with the conduct of his service. Officiating President and Kalon (Minister) Karma Gelek Yuthok of the Department of Religion and Culture has told a media briefing that the Kashag had expressed its dissatisfaction with the way the current Representative had conducted his responsibility since he assumed office in August last year.

“In fact, in July this year, the Kashag has sent the last advisory mentioning the need for improvements in the ways and manners of his service and performance,” the CTA’s Tibet.net Nov 9 quoted Yuthok as saying.

Pointing out that three such advisories had been sent thus far, Yuthok has explained, “The first two advisories were sent through the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) under which all the Offices of Tibet operates. So, it is not through one letter that communicated Kashag’s dissatisfaction to the Representative.”

However, citing existing practice, he has declined to disclose “today” the details of the three advisories. Nor has he mentioned any specific instance of dissatisfaction.

He has indicated that the current Representative had failed to “adhere to the rules of the right conduct” that “meet our expectations and trust” and that the Kashag had held successive discussions “regarding the matter”.

He has said the decision of the Kashag to replace him was unanimous.

Mr Penpa Tsering was appointed as the Representative at the Office of Tibet, Washington, DC, in August last year. He was the losing candidate in the Sikyong election that year.


  1. Wat difference would it make by changing representatives.After all most of our official r self centered egoistic who only want their dear and near ahead of .Ek hi khet ki mooli ho tum Saab.

  2. What kind of clarification one need more than this now about replacement of north america representative. Are you people asking Kashag to take out all their lungs lever out side so that you people can see they die. Hey guys, what kind of Kashag and Sikyong has used weapon of mass destruction to level such criticism from you people. Its a just one of staff replacement thats all nothing more. Is Penpa Tsering founder of tibet? Is Penpa tsering soul of Tibet? Is it Penpa tsering is the reason for survival of Kashag and CTA? Please get on with life now. Don’t stir and incite among tibetans to hate each other and against our Kashag and CTA. Let Penpa Tsering himself take matter further if he believes his replacement is not fair. He has every right to do so. Why we, rest of the stupid tibetan people cry about Kashag’s decision and deliverance. Are you people asking Kashag should be lame duck listen to every Tom, Jack and Jerry? Kashag has authority to make dicesion that is what ever its takes for the best interest of its functioning smoothly. That is every political leader does and I have seen it very common in western countries.


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