Entry at Potala and Norbulingka to be free for winter tourists

Potala Palace during winter. (Photo courtesy: Shambala)
Potala Palace during winter. (Photo courtesy: Shambala)

(TibetanReview.net, Sep15, 2018) – Entry will be free for tourists visiting the Potala and Norbulingka in Tibet’s capital Lhasa during the winter period of Nov 1, 2018 to Mar15, 2019, reported China’s online Tibet news service eng.tibet.cn Sep 14. The fees during the peak tourism season for these historical winter and summer residences of the Dalai Lamas are 200 yuan and 60 yuan respectively.

The report cited the management at the Potala Palace, a World Heritage Site, as saying the free “Winter Tours in Tibet” entry will be limited to 5000 visitors each day “to ensure the protection of cultural artifacts”.

The report said that with many farmers and herders being used to visiting Potala around the Tibetan New Year, free admission around this time could increase visitors.

The report said this will be a continuation of the Tibet Autonomous Region government’s “Winter Tours in Tibet” special offer policies. Under this policy free tours will be offered at public level 3A and above scenic spots except monasteries. Besides, up to 50 percent discount will be offered for accommodation and transportation fees.

This policy to promote winter tourism has been in place over the last several years.


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