Exile Tibetan cabinet regrets its wrongful 2017 dismissal of Washington Representative

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay (right) and Former Representative, Office of Tibet, Washington D.C., and Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile Penpa Tsering.

(TibetanReview.net, Dec27’19) – The Kashag (cabinet) of the Central Tibetan Administration has issued an announcement today, expressing regret that the ten-point clarification it had issued on Nov 27, 2017 for dismissing Mr Penpa Tsering as the Representative at the Office of Tibet, Washington, DC, had unintentionally defamed him. This has been in keeping with the judgment of the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission of Oct 14 which ordered the issuance of a formal apology by the extended deadline which is today.

The Kashag expressed its regret by citing the verdict of the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission to the effect that “the ten-point clarification issued by the Kashag on the replacement of Mr Penpa Tsering from the service of Representative to North America was based on unreliable sources and misunderstanding, thereby unintentionally defamed his dedication, competence and character, and led to the spread of misinformation in the community.”

The original deadline had ended on Nov 13 with the Kashag only partially carrying out the verdict by publicizing the verdict itself and only agreeing to respect the justice commission’s order. The Kashag had also deposited with the justice commission the petitioner’s lawyer’s fee as ordered. Penpa Tsering did not seek any personal damage/compensation for himself.

The failure to issue an apology had led the petitioner to pursue a contempt of justice commission proceeding and hence the new deadline given on Nov 22.


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