Germany’s Tibet uprising anniversary call trashes China’s rights record claims

German Parliament.

(, Mar27’19) – Not in the least impressed or otherwise intimidated by China’s relentless and overbearing propaganda push on its record in Tibet, the human rights committee of the German parliament has on Mar 25 made public its call on Beijing to “immediately stop the repression of the Tibetan people and resume dialogue with the legitimate representatives of the Tibetans.” Germany ruling and other parties have expressed support for the committee’s call.

A joint statement passed by the Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid of the German Parliament for the anniversary of the “brutal suppression of the Tibetan people’s uprising” in Mar 1959, expresses concern that the “culture, language, identity and religion of the Tibetans are threatened in their existence.”

Given the known situation in Tibet, despite what China says otherwise, the statement says the “peaceful resistance of the Tibetan people to the deprivation of rights through the Chinese authorities deserves more support,” adding, the “despair of the people, over 150 self-immolations in recent years and the outcry of the monks must shake up the international community.”

And the committee expresses “deep respect for the Tibetan culture and … sympathy for and solidarity with the peaceful, oppressed Tibetan people.”

The statement, which is supported also by the governing CDU/CSU and SPD, as well as by the liberal FDP and the Greens, expresses support for the Dalai Lama’s middle way approach which calls for “a broad autonomy of Tibet within China, as an opportunity to avoid possible conflicts for the future.”

The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) or Alternative for Germany, a right-wing to far-right party has abstained while the Leftist Party has opposed the statement.


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