India reports record nearly 7000 daily Covid-19 cases

India reports record nearly 7000 daily Covid-19 cases. (Photo courtesy: Reuters)

(, May25’20) – With 6,977 new cases during the past 24 hours as of May 25 at 8AM (GMT+5:30), India reported a fourth consecutive day of more than 6,000 Covid-19 infections and yet another new daily record, according to the latest tally of the country’s Ministry of Health. The country also reported 154 new Covid-19 deaths during the same period. These have taken the cumulative total of cases in the country to to 138,845 and the death to 4,021.

With a total of 57,721 patients having recovered thus far, the number of active cases stood at 77,104.

India has also become the country with the 10th most number of cases and 15th most number of total deaths from the global pandemic, moving up one spot in each case in the past 24 hours.

The worst affected state of Maharashtra’s share has grown to more than one-third of all cases in the country, noted May 25. The state’s total cases was one-fifth when the nationwide lockdown began on Mar 24, noted another report May 25. Besides, more than 40 per cent of new infections detected in the country in the past 10 days had come from the state.

Migrant workers and others returning to their home states from red zone urban centres were also reported to account for the spurt in new cases.


The worst hit states with more than 10,000 cases were led by Maharashtra which reported a cumulative total of 50,231 cases after 3,041 fresh cases were reported in the past 24 hours, followed by Tamil Nadu with 16,277 (+765) cases, Gujarat with 14,056 (+392) cases, and Delhi with 13,418 (+508) cases.

Other states with more than 1,000 cases were Rajasthan 7,028 (+286), Madhya Pradesh 6,665 (+294), Uttar Pradesh 6,268 (+251), West Bengal 3,667 (+208), Andhra Pradesh 2,823 (+66), Bihar 2,587 (+207), Karnataka 2,089 (+130), Punjab 2,060 (+15), Telangana 1,854 (+41), Jammu & Kashmir 1,621 (+52), Odisha 1,336 (+67), and Haryana 1,184 (+53).

Apart from the above states, others with more than 100 cases included Kerala 847 (+52), Assam 378 (+49), Jharkhand 370 (+20), Uttarakhand 317 (+73), Chattisgarh 252 (+38), Chandigarh 238 (+13), Himachal Pradesh 203 (+18), and Tripura 191 (+2).

States/Union Territories with less than 100 cases included Goa 66 (+11), Ladakh, 52 (+3), Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 33 (+0), Puducherry 41 (+15), Manipur 32 (+3), Meghalaya 14 (+0), Dadar Nagar Haveli 2 (+0), Sikkim 1 (+0), Mizoram 1 (+0), Nagaland 1 (+0), and Arunachal Pradesh 1 (+0).

Maharashtra also had the most number of deaths at 1,635 (+58), followed by Gujarat 858 (+29), Madhya Pradesh 290 (+9), West Bengal 272 (+3), Delhi 261 (+30), Rajasthan 163 (+3), Uttar Pradesh 161 (+6), Tamil Nadu 111 (+8), Andhra Pradesh 56 (+0), Telangana 53 (+4), Karnataka 42 (+0), Punjab 40 (+1), Jammu & Kashmir 21 (+0), Haryana 16 (+0), Bihar 13 (+2), Odisha 7 (+0), Kerala 4 (+0), Assam 4 (+0), Jharkhand 4 (+0), Chandigarh 3 (+0), Himachal Pradesh 3 (+0) Uttarakhand 3 (+1), and Meghalaya 1 (+0). (Source:


Of the 245 residents of Kangra who returned from Maharashtra on May 24, 51 were symptomatic. All were kept under the institutional quarantine, reported May 25. Besides, 165 residents of Kangra were due to arrive at Pathankot railway station from Ahmedabad, the report said.

Besides, one tested positive in Kangra, taking the total numbers of corona positive patients in the district to 50, including 36 active patients, said another report May 25.

Meanwhile, guidelines issued by the Disaster Management Cell in the Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority says that for all air and rail travellers to the state, air ticket, boarding pass or confirmed ticket will be sufficient to facilitate further movement from the airport or railway station to their destinations, reported May 25.

A valid ID proof will have to be shown, wherever needed. However, the entry and exit into or from the state will be allowed only between 7 am and 7 pm, the report noted.

Those coming from a red zone will be quarantined but have the choice to opt for the paid 14-day quarantine facility while those coming from an orange or green zone will have to stay under 14-day home quarantine.

If a person coming from a red zone is in possession of a Covid test certificate by an ICMR-certified centre done within three days and the report is negative, he need not stay in institutional quarantine, the report said.

All those entering the state will have to download Arogya Setu App on their phones before boarding a flight or train.

All persons who are placed in institutional quarantine will have to undergo Covid-19 test between six and 10 days and, if found negative, can be allowed to proceed to their homes, the report added.

Besides, all those proceeding to home after institutional quarantine will have to inform the urban local body or panchayat about their arrival.


Across the world the total number of Covid-19 cases had crossed the 5.4 million mark to reach 5,411,498 while a total of 345,105 had died as of May 25 at 12:02:42 PM (GMT-4), according to the Dashboard maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

There were 84,413 new cases and 2,764 new deaths during the preceding 22 hours or so across 188 countries and regions.

The countries with the most number of reported cases thus far were US (1,643,499), Brazil (363,211), Russia (344,481), UK (260,916), Spain (235,772), Italy (229,858), France (182,709), Germany (180,328), Turkey (156,827), India (139,049), Iran (135,701), Peru (119,959), Canada (86,106) and China (84,095).

The countries with the most number of deaths were US (97,722), UK (36, 875), Italy (32, 785), Spain (28,752), France (28,370), Brazil (22,666), Belgium (9,280), Germany (8,283), Iran (7,417), Mexico (7,394), Canada (6,534), Netherlands (5,841), China (4,638), Turkey (4,340), India (4,024), and Sweden (3,998).



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