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India reports rise in daily new Covid-19 cases; deaths remain below 200 for fifth day running

(TibetanReview.net, Jan21’21) – A total of 7.86 lakh healthcare workers in India had received Covid-19 vaccine jabs till the evening of the fifth day of the immunisation drive, including 1,12,007 till 6pm on the fifth day, reported the PTI new service Jan 20. “There has been no case of serious/severe adverse event attributable to Covid-19 vaccination till date,” additional secretary in the Health Ministry Manohar Agnani was quoted as saying. But 10 cases of adverse events following immunization (AEFI) — four in Delhi, two in Karnataka, and one each in Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and West Bengal — had required hospitalisation so far, the report added.

Meanwhile a more contagious coronavirus variant that emerged in England has swept through more than 60 nations including China, reported the timesofindia.com Jan 21, citing officials.

The latest data from India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare show that there were 15,223 new cases and 151 new Covid-19 deaths in the country in the past 24 hours as of Jan 21 at 8 AM, taking their cumulative totals to 10,610,883 cases and 152,869 deaths. The number of new cases was higher than that reported the day before while the number of deaths was not only lower but remained below 200 for the seventh successive day, the report said.

A total of 10,265,706, or 96.75%, had recovered while the number of active cases was 192,308, or 1.81% of the total. The case fatality rate remained at 1.44%. The percentage figures were marginal improvements over the previous day’s percentage figures.

The latest daily number of new cases, at 15,223, was less than the daily number of those who had recovered, at 19,965, leading to a decrease in the number of active cases by 4,893.

Kerala, the country’s fourth worst-hit state and having the highest number of active cases continued to report the highest daily new infections at 6,815, followed successively by the country’s worst-hit state with the second highest number of active cases Maharashtra (3,015), Chattisgarh (594), fifth worst-hit state Tamil Nadu (549), second-worst hit state Karnataka (501), Gujarat (490), eighth worst-hit state West Bengal (409), seventh-worst hit state Uttar Pradesh (390), Madhya Pradesh (280), … Himachal Pradesh (63), and so on.

The 151 daily new deaths included 59 from Maharashtra; 18 from Kerala; and 10 from Delhi and Chattisgarh. The rest of the states reported from 9 to no death.

India is currently the country with the world’s second highest number of Covid-19 cases and the third highest number of deaths in cumulative numbers.


The cumulative total of Covid-19 cases among Tibetans in India, Nepal and Bhutan has remained unchanged for the second day at 1,487. Of them 1,411 had recovered, 39 were active and 37 had died, according to the tally of the Central Tibetan Administration Jan 21.


Across the world the number of Covid-19 cases totaled 96,938,729 and the deaths 2,076,091, according to the tally of Johns Hopkins University as of 2:52 PM on Jan 21, 2021.


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