Italian MP against silence on Tibet in the face of China’s bullying

Mr Matteo Luigi Bianchi, Member of Italian Parliament. (Photo courtesy:

(, Jul12’20) – Calling the situation in Tibet under Chinese occupation rule a matter of serious concern, an Italian MP has on Jul 9 said the issue deserved as much global attention as on China’s recent outrageous action which effectively put an end to the “one country, two systems” rule in Hong Kong.

Addressing the Italian parliament, Mr Matteo Luigi Bianchi has said the international community, especially the Western countries, could no longer remain “silent in the face of Chinese bullying and repression against the Tibetan People”.

He has said China’s recently adopted National Security Law for Hong Kong had put “an end to Hong Kong’s last remnant of diversity”, stripping the special administrative region of its “freedom, autonomy and human rights” and turning it into a “secret police state”.

Noting, however, that the situation in Hong Kong was not a “stand-alone case”, Bianchi has sought to draw attention to the situation in Tibet too and said “we cannot be silent in the face of Chinese bullying and repression against the Tibetan people.”

In particular, Mr Bianchi, a member of Italian Parliamentary Group for Tibet, has sought to draw attention to the Chinese government’s latest so-called behavioral reform campaign in Tibet under which Tibetan people were being forced to remove their prayer flags as a part of destruction of Tibetan religious traditions.

China’s “unabated destruction of Tibetan unique cultural identity is a serious concern”, he has said in his parliament statement.

Urging the international community, including the Italian government, to speak out against dictatorship, Mr Bianchi has said “not denouncing aforementioned cases reflects complicity towards dictatorship rather than freedom”.


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