Kashag gets new deadline to comply with exile Tibetan apex court’s judgment

Dr Lobsang Sangay, President of Central Tibetan Administration and Penpa Tsering, former representative Office of Tibet, D.C. (Photo courtesy: CTA)

(TibetanReview.net, Nov24’19) – The Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission at Dharamsala has on Nov 22 ordered the members of the Kashag, the Cabinet of the Central Tibetan Administration, to fully comply with its judgment dated Oct 14 by Dec 27 this year or be liable to face penalties under the relevant rules and regulations of the Central Tibetan Administration.

The justice commission had, in its judgment, ordered the members of the Kashag to apologize to Mr Penpa Tsering who had sued them for publishing defamatory grounds for removing him from his post as the Representative at the Office of Tibet, Washington, DC, in Nov 2017. While the members of the Kashag have complied with the justice commission’s decree to grant the cost of lawyer’s fee of the petitioner, it has done little else to fully comply with the judgment by the deadline of Nov 13, Penpa Tsering has alleged in his follow-up petition dated Nov 20.

The Kashag had published two official notices, one in Tibetan and the other in English, during the period given by the justice commission for complying with its judgment, expressing dissatisfaction with the justice commission’s findings and citing public misgivings about the fairness of the judgment. However, the members of the Kashag did not file any appeal or review of the judgment on these grounds.

In its Nov 22 order, the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission has made it clear that should the members of the Kashag fail to fully comply with its decree by the new deadline of Dec 27, it will have to exercise its powers granted under the relevant laws and rules of the Central Tibetan Administration which include depriving them of their right to vote and to stand for any election, and for any selection or appointment to any official exile Tibetan administration post.


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