Lawmakers from four countries to join 60th Tibetan uprising anniversary at D’sala

President Dr Sangay speaking at the felicitation ceremony hosted in honour of the high-level international parliamentary delegation at an official ceremony at T-building, Gangchen Kyishong. (Photo courtesy:

(, Mar09’19) – Six lawmakers from four countries have arrived at Dharamsala, India, to take part in the official commemoration by Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) of the 60th anniversary of the Tibetan national uprising day on Mar 10. The group was welcomed to a reception by President Lobsang Sangay of CTA on Mar 8.

CTA named the guests for the annual commemoration event as Mr Michael Brand from the German Bundestag; Mr Garnett Genuis from Canada belonging to the Conservative Party; Ms Linda Duncan from Canada belonging to the New Democratic Party; Mrs Lucia Duris Nicholsonova, Deputy Chairman of the Slovak parliament’s National Council; Mr Martin Poliacik from Slovak Republic’s National Council belonging to the Progressive Slovakia party, and Ms Mei Nu Yu from Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan belonging to the Democratic Progressive Party.

Sangay has thanked the guests for having accepted the invitation to participate in the event despite pressure from China.

The guests spoke about the strong institutional and popular support existing in their respective countries on the issue of Tibet and its non-violent struggle and vowed to carry these forward.

Those who spoke included Mr Brand, Mr Genuis, Mrs Nicholsonova, and Ms Mei.


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