New middle school admission rule in Qinghai reduces weightage to Tibetan language score

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(, Jul22’21) – Authorities in parts of Qinghai Province, constituted by much of the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo, have reduced the weightage given to Tibetan language score in the entrance tests for admission to top tier secondary schools which, among other things, offer specialisation in Tibetan language, reported the Tibetan Service of Jul 21.

The report cited a notice issued last week by the Ministry of Education in the Malho, Tsolho and Yulshul Tibetan prefectures as saying the Tibetan language scores in the 2021 New School Admission Entrance Exam will be given a weightage equal to those for Chinese and English language subjects.

The report said that previously Tibetan language scores were given the highest weightage in grading the exam results and in placing students in national-level middle and high schools where they could specialise in Tibetan language study, an option not offered in other schools.

Tibetan students are said to often seek placement in the obviously more reputable national-level secondary schools that offer studies in Tibetan as well as Chinese and other languages. However, the new rule will make it more difficult for them to gain admission to such schools.

The latest development came after China had largely phased out Tibetan language instruction in Tibetan areas, leaving Tibetan students with few options to pursue formal studies in their native tongue.


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