Not the People’s Sikyong?

President of the Tibetan government in exile, Lobsang Sangay. (Photo courtesy: CTA)

Dear Editor,

Enjoyed reading this timely and well written piece by Kunsang Tanzin titled, “Two khampas who will be on the right side of history” (Tibetan Review, 4 May ‘21).

What current Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and Chitue Gyunley have done and are doing is not different from what Chinese dictators are doing to our compatriots inside occupied Tibet. They will go down in history as a destroyer of Tibetan Democracy or Mangtso that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has given to the Tibetan people.

By asking the Tibetan people and media to no longer bring up the issue of the current Tibetan constitutional breakdown, Lobsang Sangay is giving the impression he is nervous and has something serious to hide. And by appointing his chamchas and people of dubious background to the judicial appointment committee and Tibetan offices in India and abroad clearly show that he is not honest. To prove their integrity all these people should step down when the new Sikyong at the end of this month takes office.

Recent events have shown that Lobsang Sangay also lacks the confidence to face even constructive criticisms and does not respect opinions of learned people and the general public. The Tibetan people were shocked to hear his recent statement where he failed to give due respect to all the letters and petitions sent to Dharamsala by former Tibetan Justice Commissioners, former Kalons, former CTA staff, and former executive members of NGOs, such as Tibetan Youth Congress as well as individuals and democratic groups. All have asked him to respect Tibetan judiciary and follow the sacred Tibetan charter. He is surely not “the People’s President”.

The sad truth is he only pays lip service to His Holiness and seems to use His Holiness’s good name to promote his agenda, such as to be now appointed in His Holiness’s Nalanda project when he becomes an ordinary Tibetan like all of us. The Tibetan people expect Gaden Phodrang secretaries to serve His Holiness sincerely and expose Lobsang Sangay’s true colours to His Holiness. Otherwise questions concerning his true intentions will continue and not go away. Already people are talking about his Chinese connection. If he really wants to earn a good legacy then he must do the right thing on May 20 by restoring the justice commissioners as per the Tibetan people’s call. Otherwise the Tibetan people will not forgive Lobsang Sangay and those irresponsible chitues for this crime against Tibetan democracy and rule of law.

Yours sincerely,

Lobsang Yeshi
Dharamsala, India

(Editorial Note: The writer, who lives in Dharamshala, is not the Dotoe Chithue in the 16th TPiE, who lives in Bylakuppe.)


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