Senate motion in Canada urges autonomy, rights support for Tibet

Conservative Party Senator Thanh Hai Ngo.

(, May17’19) – A Motion on Tibet was introduced in the Senate of the Canadian parliament on May 14, urging the government to support genuine autonomy for Tibet based on the Middle Way Approach of the exile Tibetan administration.

Conservative Party Senator Thanh Hai Ngo who moved the motion has said the purpose of introducing it was to raise awareness about the serious and recurring human rights abuses in Tibet and to urge the Government of Canada to take stronger action with China in support of genuine autonomy for Tibet.

“The fundamental rights and freedoms that we have been granted and continue to protect here in Canada, including freedom of expression, religion, movement and conscience, are severely restricted and increasingly repressive in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, TAR, and in greater Tibet. The Tibetan people are subjected to these restrictions at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party and continue to suffer because of this,” The senator was quoted as saying.

The senator felt that at a time when it was increasingly focused on strengthening trade and economic ties with China, Canada should especially remember to voice its concerns about violations of the fundamental rights and freedoms of Tibetans with the Chinese authorities at high-level meetings and in bilateral or multilateral statements.

The motion also urges Canada to acknowledge the Dalai Lama’s appointment of Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the official eleventh Panchen Lama.


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