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Sinicization will not succeed, Basuria will be free again

While no one can predict what any possible or eventual breakup of the People’s Republic of China will entail, it is certain that Tibetans, Uyghurs and Mongols of Inner Mongolia are not the only peoples yearning for independence from the imperial China of the Communist Party of China. The Basurians, for example,  are a distinct ethnic group having their own cultural traditions and history of nationhood and Chinese oppression, with their territory neighbouring Tibet, and they have not given up their hope for regaining their independence, as Luo Zongyu* writes.

(TibetanReview.net, Aug05’22)

Recent conflicts between India and China remind us of China’s evilness, India’s commitment to freedom and Tibet’s undying struggle for independence. Most people in the free world would agree that an independent Tibet is essential to the liberty and happiness of its own people, the border security of India, and the greater good of the world. However, as long as China exists, it will always threaten the independence of Tibet. The key to resolve the constant China threat is in fact to restore a glorious nation, a reliable ally of freedom, the nemesis of China, and my home country: Basuria. Unfortunately, few in the free world have heard of its name. It is thus this article’s duty to remind Tibet that you have a cordial neighbor, India a forgotten ally and the free world a sincere friend.

Basuria is located at the crossroad of Inner Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia. For ages it has functioned as the communication hub for a variety of religions, cultures, and ethnic groups. Freedom prospers Basuria. Freedom enlightens Basuria. Freedom defines Basuria. Our national interest, however, stood in the way of China’s evil ambition. The prototype of China’s totalitarian and terrorist regime, the Qin state (4th century B.C.E.), shamelessly betrayed the trust of Basurians and invaded our nation. Once Basuria fell, other nations in East Asia quickly followed our unfortunate fate. Throughout history, no one can argue against the fact that an independent Basuria ensures a free East Asia, while a Chinese occupied Basuria precedes China’s imprisonment of nations in East Asia.

A map showing the claimed territory of the Republic of Basuria, a proposed nation-state for people of the Bashu cultural identity of Southwestern China. (Photo courtesy: Wikipedia/Crab2814)

As an independent nation, Basuria never attempted to expand. We are blessed with a rich land. We treasure our freedom as well as the freedom of others. As a province of China, “Sichuan” became a stepping stone to invade Tibet. Zhao Erfeng’s expansion to Tibet in the 1910s relied on “Sichuan Province” to provide supply. Mao Zedong’s expansion to Tibet in the 1950s relied on “Sichuan Province” to provide a transportation network. If Tibet were not lost, Communist China would never be able to threaten Indian border. If Basuria were not lost, Tibet would never lose its independence. However, Basurians, as the guardian of freedom, never accepted this evil mission. Zhao Erfeng was executed by Basurians. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was greatly delayed and damaged by Basurians on its way to Tibet. While our efforts were demonized by China, we never gave up. We do not want to invade our neighbor. We do not want to aid China. Not then, not now, not ever. Our continuous resistance to the Chinese rule since 4th B.C.E. has proven that Basuria is indeed the guardian of freedom and the nemesis of China. If I may put it in our own words: Basuria is always the first to rebel and the last to surrender(天下未乱蜀先乱,天下已定蜀未定).

While the free world is beginning to feel the evil nature of China, it fails to comprehend China’s true color. Please allow me, a Basurian who witnessed it first hand, to explain further. China’s survival and expansion relies on the flesh and blood of other nations. This is now revealed to the rest of the world through the horrible news in Eastern Turkestan, Tibet, Southern Mongolia and Hong Kong. But this demonic structure originated from the terrorization of its own people. The Qin state mentioned earlier first began to prey on its own people. Once its own resources were depleted, it started to conquer other nations. When the Qin state conquered all other nations in East Asia, China was born. From then on, like a virus, China has been looking to infect others, mostly free peoples in Inner Asia, notably Mongolians and Manchurians. China seduced them with gold and women, corrupted them with the promise of absolute obedience and blinded them with a fantasy that Chinese civilization is the greatest in the world. This is called sinocism. But if the free peoples were to give in to the seduction, they would be absorbed by this evil structure. This is called sinicization. If the free peoples were to resist this temptation, China would collapse. As a result, countless humanitarian disasters, floods, famine, and cannibalism, just to name a few, would erupt, because it simply cannot sustain itself, just like a virus cannot survive without a host.

But as we all know, no civilization depends on the terrorization of its own people or the corruption of others. Simply from this fact we can understand why sinocism is suicidal, why any form of Chinese regime is suicidal and why China was, is and will be a constant threat to the rest of the world. COVID-19 is the manifestation of sinocism. Consequently, China cannot be transformed or appeased. China can only be destroyed and dissolved. Tibet, India and the rest of the free world will soon find out that Basuria is a cordial neighbor, an unforgettable ally and a sincere friend.

* Luo Zongyu is a PhD student majoring in history in Binghamton University, United States.



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