Three Tibetans held for not registering WeChat group, one in hospital with both legs broken

ibetan teenager Dadul is shown in a hospital in Xining, Qinghai province, with broken legs following a beating by Chinese police. (Photo courtesy: RFA)

(, Mar04’21) – For failing to register with local authorities a WeChat group they had setup in mid-February, China has arrested on Feb 17 three Tibetan teenagers in Qinghai Province, said London-based Free Tibet group, citing its research partner Tibet Watch. One has since landed in hospital after severe custodial beating while the whereabouts of the others remain unknown. The three have been named as Dadul, Sangye Tso and Kansi (a nickname), all residents of Kyegudo County in Yushu Prefecture.

Police were reported to have ordered no more than two members of the family of Dadul, who had both his legs broken, to come to a hospital, located hundreds of kilometres away in Xining, with 40,000 yuan ostensibly to pay for his surgery.

The family was reported to have been threatened not to talk about the matter.

The group cited local sources as confirming that the three had been taken away by police on Feb 17 but not where Sangye Tso and Kansi were now being held.

The group, whose name reportedly translates into English as ‘White Rocky Mountain Club’, a reference to a local Buddhist deity, was set up to mark Losar, or Tibetan new year, which ran from Feb 12 to 14 this year. It was stated to have a current membership of around 240 members.

It was not stated whether the postings made or shared in the group were an issue.


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