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Tibet Autonomous Region saw the 9th highest net increase in migrants in 2019 in PRC

Tibet Autonomous Region saw the 9th highest net increase in migrants in 2019 in PRC. (Photo courtesy: Asia News)

(TibetanReview.net, Jul24’20) – Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) was the provincial-level region in the People’s Republic of China which saw the ninth most number of new migrants in 2019, reported China’s official chinadaily.com.cn Jul 24. The report put the net influx of migrants in the region in 2019 at 32,300.

It is believed, however, that the overwhelming majority of Chinese immigrants in the TAR do not figure in official list for various reasons, including especially the fact that they are not officially registered as migrants.

Zhejiang had the most number of immigrants at 841,000 and Jiangsu the 10th most number of immigrants at 25,300.

Sichuan, which includes the traditional Tibetan regions of  Karze (Chinese: Ganzi) and Ngaba (Aba), saw a net influx of 39,000 migrants in 2019, the report said.

The provinces of Qinghai, Gansu, and Yunnan, which also include traditionally Tibetan-inhabited territories, do not figure in the top 10.

Chinese-ruled East Turkestan (Xinjiang) had the third highest net influx of migrants in 2019 at 271,500 people.

The data on new permanent residents was part of the recent publication by the 31 provincial-level regions of the PRC of their permanent resident populations, the report said.

China is accused of encouraging influx of migrants from China as one of the major means to dilute and eventually assimilate the occupied territories of Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia.

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