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Tibetan preliminary poll results out, lists of candidates to be announced Mar 21

(TibetanReview.net, Feb08’21) – The results of the preliminary poll for the election of Sikyong, the executive head of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), and for membership of the 45-member, 17th Tibetan parliament in Exile (TPiE) for which voting was held on Jan 3 were announced by the Election Commission of the CTA today.

For the Sikyong election, the candidates will be chosen from among Penpa Tsering (with 24,488 votes), Aukatsang Kelsang Dorjee (14,544), Gyari Dolma (13,363), Dongchung Ngodup (10,200), Lobsang Nyandak (999), and Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok (226).

The Election Commission has decided that there will be only two candidates for the election of Sikyong, shortlisted on the basis of votes won, subject to withdrawals, if any.

For the membership of the TPiE, the votes won by potential candidates are as given below (check Tibet.net for the most correct results):

1Khenpo Sonam TenphelRekhe634
2Khenpo Jampel TenzinMinyag447
3Trenggo Namdol YarphelLhokha159
4Gyanbu Sonam TseringToe Phadrug130
5Khenpo Pema ChoephelTsawa113
6Gyari DolmaNyarong6
1Kunga SonamDege242
2Tenpa YarphelChamdo211
3Lama TrinleyNgari209
5Khenpo Konchok MonlamNagchu63
6Gyurme TsondueGyalkhar25
1Lobpon Thupten GyaltsenMarkham239
2Khenpo Kadrag Ngodup SonamTehor179
3Khenpo Jamyang GonpoNgari128
4Acharya Lobsang GyaltsenLhokha112
5Jamyang TrinleyNgari6
6Pema JungneyNgari2
1Geshe Gowo Lobsang PhendeBawa2,238
2Geshe Phurbu SamdupPhenpo1,816
3Geshe Atruk TsetnLithang1,319
4Geshe LobsangChentsa1,182
5Geshe Yeshe GawaBawa1,062
6Geshe Namgyal GyaltsenTehor933

1Geshe Monalm TharchinKhyungpo125
2Bara Tsewang TashiDrachen108
3Geshe Atrong Rinchen GyaltsenDrachen103
4Geshe Namgyal TsugphueDrachen52
5Ngoche Loden NyimaDrachen3
6Kelsang TenzinTrelho3
1Dolma TseringDragne13,502
2Dawa PhunkyiTsang Gampa13,379
3Pema JungneyNgari11,460
4Tsering YangchenDzongkar8,195
5Dawa TseringDingri7,945
6Ngodup DorjeSogtoe7,371
7Lhagyari Namgyal DolkarLhokha6,286
8Dhondup TashiNgari5,483
9Migyur DorjeThoding5,106
10Jampa ChoephelLhokha4,866
11Lobsang Gyatso SitharKyidrong4,500
12Tenzin DolmaGyantse4,312
13Rigzin LhundupNgamring4,126
14Samten ChoedonNgari3,713
15Chonga TseringPemakoe3,687
16Ja-nyel Tsering LhakyabTsang Nyeru3,405
17Tenzin ChoezinMaldrogungkar3,173
19Tenzin KelsangThoding2,727
20Ngodup WangduDzongkar2,603
21Tenzin GyurmeyNgari2,588
22Ngawang LodroeGyantse2,434
23Dawa TseringLhatse2,347
24Rinchen TseringNgari2,261
25Drungtso Tsering ThakchoePhadrug 2,208
26Konchog TseringNgamring2,151
27Namgyal KhyusarNgari2,126
28Sonam TseringDrongpa2,124
29Choenor SamdupNgari2,024
30Namgong Sonam TogpyalLhokha1,951
1Dorje TsetenNangchen6,958
2Aukatsang YoudonChamdo5,801
3Tenzin JigdrelTehor, Tawu4,601
4Tsering DolmaLithang4,469
5Juchen Konchok ChoedonDege4,419
6Gyaldong Phurbu DorjeMinyag3,761
7Serta TsultrimSerta3,638
8Konchog YarphelMarkham3,315
9Yangchen DolkarDege2,819
10Choephel ThuptenBawa2,647
11Wangdue DorjeTehor2,563
12Tamdin SichoeChatreng2,164
13Pema DelekLingtsang2,163
14Lhundup DorjeTehor2,034
15Tenpa YarphelChamdo1,867
16Ngawang LodoeGapa1,709
17Ngawang TharpaSog Dzong1,534
19Ogyen JigmeDege1,451
20Dawa DolmaTehor1,393
21Thupten TashiSerta1,314
22Jangchub RinchenMarkham1,087
23Jamyang DrakpaTehor1083
24Tashi WangdueDrachen1,070
25Ngawang ChoephelPalbar1,015
26Tsewang TenzinDege1,007
27Sonam ChoedonJolpa800
28Phunbu TseringKongpo475
29Tenzin ChoegyalMarkham381
30Tsangdrag Tashi PhuntsokNangchen316
1Pema TsoNgawa Kathog1,558
2Dhondup TashiLadrang1,438
3Serta Tashi DhondupSerta1,257
4Yeshe DolmaHortsang1,164
5Karma GelekJakhyung1,086
6Ratsa Sonam NorbuSharkhog1,015
7Lobsang ThuptenRekong858
8Geshe GhangriNgawa842
9Tsering LhamoNgawa794
10Thupten LungrigRekong788
11Lobsang ChoejorRekong735
12Pasang TopdenZungchu554
13Choedak GyatsoChentsa547
14Lobsang TashiAchog539
15Tenzin ChoedakKaring504
16Sonam WangmoLadrang458
17Ogyen KyabPari457
18Sangay TashiTsoe394
19Chungdrub TseringTsongon339
20Lhalung GyalRekong288
21Lobsang ChoephelNgawa221
22Tsering YoundonChone177
23Wangden KyabZoege175
25Geshe LobsangChentsa Nangra141
26Drugden KyiTsoe134
27Tsering LogyaChentsa122
28Mewu Wangzin LhamoNgawa41
29Penpa TseringNgangra22
30Dhondup TashiAchog6
1Godrug Kelsang PhuntsokDingri (Portland)2,921
2Tseten PhuntsokU-Tsang (California)2,347
3Tenzin JigmeNyanang (Minnesota)2,235
4Dhondup TseringNgari (Massachusetts)1,966
5Pema ChagzoetsangKongpo (Utah)1,722
6Sonam LangkarKongpo (Canada)1,688
1Thupten WangchenKyidrong (Spain)4,812
2Thupten GyatsoGyalrong (France)2,805
3Gangshontsang LobsangToe Phadrug (Switzerland)2,041
4Tashi DelegMinyag (Belgium)1,766
5Karma ChoekyiGyantse (Switzerland)1,159
6Samdo Jampa TseringE-Lhagyari (Switzerland)770
1Thupten DhondupGapa (Melbourne)436
2Gotsang NegenDomey (Sydney)391
3Doring Tenzin PhuntsokLhasa (Queensland)391

The above listed potential candidates for the Sikyong and TPiE elections have been given time till Feb 15 to inform the Tibetan election commission in writing whether they agree to be listed as candidates for the concerned elections. Those desiring to withdraw may also do so in writing by Feb 16.

The final lists of candidates for the two elections will be announced on Mar 21.

And voting for the two elections will take place on Apr 11.

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