US state capital approves Tibetan as a new minority language

The Capital Building in downtown Madison,  Wisconsin.
The Capital Building in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

(, Mar04, 2018) – The city of Madison, capital of the US state of Wisconsin, has, on Feb 27, approved Tibetan as a new minority language. The approval came just ahead of the 25th anniversary of the US-Tibetan Resettlement Project.

The approval was given by the city’s ‘Common Council’ during its meeting for the approval of compressive language access plan. During the meeting representatives of the Tibetan community presented their case, emphasizing the “importance as well as the need to have the Tibetan language recognized due to the increase in its usage in this city”.

“We are very happy to announce here that the Common Council has unanimously adopted Tibetan being one of the official minority languages! This has been a big achievement to the community,” the Wisconsin Tibetan Association said on its Facebook page.

Tibetans began to settle in the city in any significant number in the beginning of 1990s after the US congress approved for resettlement a total of 1,000 Tibetan exiles from India and Nepal. On Mar 1, the Tibetan community commemorated the 25th anniversary of that US-Tibetan Resettlement Project.

Madison is the second-most-populous municipality in Wisconsin state.


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